Inquisitive Professor

A professor of Thinkology goes back to teaching 'on a hunch' and meets a new pupil. She's strange, but one of the best thinkers that he's seen. She dreams of a new life, he dreams of a different one. They find out that combining their brains can get them both the life they crave.

Inquisitive Professor

This is the story of a professor, a learned man who completed a doctorate of Thinkology in the grand Oxford University before going out into the world of mystery and mayhem.

He bought a little cottage at the edge of the Oxford, dreaming of a nice life where he felt more loved than this.

Years later a babe was born, a little black-haired girl, with curls, vicious and wrapped tightly around her heart-shaped face and violet oval eyes. She would dream, every night, as she looked at the stars above her window, about a philosophical life, a life filled with thinking to the full. Soon, the girl grew into a woman, but she still had her dreams and was not content with her world of English and Science. To her, it was not enough. So, gathering her books and things, she travelled across the entire stretch of England, leaving the beautiful Lancastrian countryside to journey to the in-depth life of Oxford Town.

Enrolling in the halls of St Benet’s, hidden beneath her gown as a boy, she instantly felt a great connection though she had never set foot in the towering spires before. It was around this same time, that the professor took back to the role of Head of Thinkology, a post he had vacated years before. He did not know why, but he had a feeling, in his mind, that it was the right thing to do. Little did they know that their lives were going to collide, and begin for the very first time in a long while.

The End

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