I was outside.

Nothing that I could see looked familiar. A gentle touch was tickling my pale white skin and moving a few light strands of hair. There was a sound, a very harsh one, coming from all directions and I decided to follow it to see what it was.

"Uh." I stopped breathing. 

I was a the edge of a wierd silver artifact. At the bottom of it was the source of all that sound. It was very flexible containing the colour of the sky above me, clashing more harder every time it striked its metallic surface. What are these things?

Suddenly, another sound -- a mechanical one -- came from behind. I turn around and see that it was aiming towards my direction. A large flash appeared at the front of it, producing a large  ball of red like fire. The ball became a thin line,  making a sharp zap, and  nearly hitting me. To my defense, I moved my feet and lost my ballance. I fall from the edge and into the sky coloured thing that was hitting the silver mettal I was standing on.


The peculiar substance made it difficult for me to breath and I did not know how to make myself come back up. When I gave out my last breath of oxygen, I fell into unconsciousness, drifting passively into it.

The End

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