Inquiring Mind

A magical world of desperation to find out answers that have not yet been aswered. Ageil was released from a secret lab and has many curious queries to find out who she truely is but would it be too late?
The scientists get informed about her disappearance and are searching to find out where she has gone so no one finds out about her identity.
Would she ever find out?

Imagine spending most of your life inside a glass ball, not knowing the people around you, just the pitch black surroundings that have filled your life as you age. The only place where you feel safe as if it was your home, secure from all the dangers in life with the glass as your only companion.

I was one of those people; all of them did not want what I did, and that was the life of a person who wants to find the answers, the queries she always longed for to be answered, not leaving the world to decide her own fate. I wanted to risk everything in search of those answers.

I opened my ruby, red eyes the moment I made that decision. I saw my silver-colored hair swaying in front of me and thick tubes that were going through my naked, pale body. 

How is it possilbe that I can breathe under water? I thought to myself. I realized that the sphere-shaped glass I was in was filled with a clear, dense liquid. I pulled the the tubes out of me and the glass broke at that instant.

I was free.

I was free from those binds that held me inside this place for so long. I could ask the things that were troubling me for a very long time and discover many things that I have not yet seen before. 

I looked around and found similar sphere-shaped glass like mine with people that looked like they were in a deep sleep. But I had to get out of here; I had to find out the only question that I have urged so long to discover but to find it I also have to ask for many more.

It was my time to find out who I was.

The End

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