Innocent Classroom Antics

Classroom banter. An innocent 18 year old girl is driven crazy by a sexy, mysterious new classmate. Written on a whim whilst bored at home.

I sat there, upcoming coursework occupying my mind. Media worksheets scattered my desk; I didn't care to organise them. Then, I caught sight of Saaleh strolling through the door. Within seconds, the frequency of the lesson had changed. I lowered my feet from the chair opposite me and rolled down my sleeves. No, I wasn't changing myself for him. I still appeared the tomboy - just a little more feminine than usual. Harmless, no? My trainers were still on show, gum still bouncing in and around my mouth, my combat trousers shaking with the habitual rhythm of my legs. Who cares? I thought He probably has better things to think about. I wasn't going to get all sloppy over him when we'd barely spoken. He was just a classmate. Just the most alluring classmate I had ever laid eyes on. The class doesn't at all acknowledge his presence. But I can feel his presence shooting from the back of my neck, down to my spine and throughout every nerve in my body.


He entered the canteen and I pretended not to notice. It wouldn't have made a difference - the girls noticed for me. "He's so in his own world." One remarked.

"But then he has his flat outbursts of information every so often." the other replied. I stayed mute. I wasn't going to involve myself in this conversation. I just continued wrapping spaghetti around my fork. He bought a sandwich, shoved it in his bag and went over to the drinks machine. Our eyes interlocked for a few seconds. The spaghetti rolled off my fork as it stopped spinning between my fingers. I broke eye contact, and found myself out of breath, hot, bothered and then I realised I was still surrounded by my friends. He bought his coke and left the canteen with his tongue slightly sticking out of the side of his mouth. Job done, he thought. My stomach was no longer growling with hunger but doing somersaults. I had an urge to physically wipe the smirk off his face. Lying to my friends, I ran to the toilets to freshen up. Cold water droplets splashed onto my cheeks, but they remained a heated shade of crimson.  After deep breaths, I left the toilet. I'd act as if nothing had happened. As I exited the bathroom, he was standing outside, leaning against the wall opposite, and clutching his drink. He had one foot up on the wall behind him. He gazed piercingly into my eyes as he squeezed all the air out of his coke can. As he did, I dropped my own drink and its contents spilt, into a puddle of goo, all over the floor.



As the door slid open, it changed my perspective on the whole day. I stared at my shoes, trying to remain unfazed by his entrance. I sneaked a quick glance in his direction, while he notified the teacher of his presence. He turned his head in my direction. I tried to look away - too late. BOLLOCKS. He caught my eye and touched the side of his throat, exhaling breath. I was flushing. I dropped my pencil case and began gathering its contents, slamming my pens against one another. I reached under the table for the last of my pens, and noticed that his trainers were visible, next to my bag. OH. CRAP. HE'S TORTURING ME. I moved my books to my half of the desk, my eyes darting around the class. He was sitting in the only empty seat. As he looked down in his own bag, I could see the veins pulsing in his forearms. He hadn't shaved all week. Dark stubble masked his sharp jaw line. PERFECTLY CARVED. He put his books on the desk, displaying flawless hands. I tried to relax. He wasn't going to distract me. The teacher rambled on, but I couldn't concentrate. I could hear his deep breathing next to me, his chest raising and lowering ever so slightly. As we took notes, he began tracing either side of his Adam's apple with his fingers. They were like those of a pianist. DO YOU REALLY NEED TO KEEP DOING THAT. Note taking went on in silence. I could hear my heart pounding from beneath my cardigan. He would probably hear it too. Then, my stomach did back flips, one after the other. Colour flushed into my cheeks. I gazed down towards my legs - he pressed his thigh against mine as he continued to write. WANKER. His thigh was lean and strong as it pushed against mine. Electrical sensations were shooting up and down my spine. He continued lining his throat' my heart rate intensified. As I scribbled, the pencil in my hand snapped in two.


Nothing mattered. It was just the notebook and I. My pencil swam between the fingers of my right hand as I remained in deep thought, attempting to form some sort of an idea for my documentary. Register was called; I breathed a sigh of relief when Saaleh's name was left unanswered to. I got down to work as the task was set. "You're LATE." sir droned. I looked up to see Saaleh, his large brown eyes staring back at me. BOLLOCKS. I wish I'd never looked up. I found it difficult to break away from his gaze. BASTARD. I had totally lost track of what I was doing, so attempted to get back to my book; He threw his bag down next to me. NOT AGAIN. I shifted in my seat and avoided his gaze. This simple task proved impossible over the next few minutes. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was grinning to himself. "Can I borrow a pen please?" he looked innocently at me. CAN'T YOU ASK SOMEONE ELSE? PLEASE? I handed him a pen. Our hands brushed together for less than a second; it felt like an electric shock running up my arm. He began copying from the board. We were assigned the next task in separate classrooms. "You two can work together in the editing suite." I turned to see who sir meant. Then it registered in my head. YOU ARE JOKING. I couldn't muster a response. I silently followed Saaleh to the editing room, grabbing the best chair as we entered. We talked about nothing but the task in hand. Every moment he looked at me, I felt to scream out every ounce of feeling that had built up inside of me. I made typos on every line that I wrote; I was stuttering every sentence I spoke. As we read through our finished piece, he leaned over to point out a mistake I had made. His dense bicep pressed against mine. I was sweltering in his presence. I could smell musk on his neck, veins pulsing down to his chest. STOP THAT. As he leaned closer to read, I shot up out of my chair and darted across to the window. "It's really hot can I open a window please?" I reached over to the handle before he'd even nodded to agree. It wouldn't budge, as much as I tried. He crept up behind me, stubble even thicker than before. It brightened the rosy shade of his lips. "Let me try." It opened with one firm push. I could see the slight hair growth at the top of his wrists. "Thanks." I cleared my throat. He didn't move out of the way - his body was leaning against mine. "Do you feel okay or are you still hot?" I was backed up against the wall. PLEASE MOVE. He seductively ran his fingers across my shoulder. "How about now...?" I couldn't respond. I couldn't breathe. He leaned closer, his face inches away from mine. "And now...?" I could feel his belt buckle pressing against my abs. His stubble was coming nearer and nearer as I gave in, letting him pour every ounce of feeling into me, drop after drop. Bolts of electricity shot throughout my body, over and over and over again. What felt like hours passed, as Saaleh pulled his lips away. "I'll go get another worksheet." He kissed my cheeks, grinned and left, exhaling deep breaths and rubbing the back of his neck. I could see his tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth. Rima entered. "Are you okay? You look like something has just blown up inside of you!" I flushed. "Trust me, something has."


I rummaged in my bag for water. I needed something. Anything to wake me up from what seemed surreal. My reflection revealed a pink tinge to the skin on my arms and hands. Saaleh already seemed to be running through my veins. I felt like pouring the bottle of water over my head. He entered to see me squeezing the life of the now empty Evian. ‘Is that bottle supposed to represent me?’ he smirked. DON’T SMARTTALK ME. I STILL THINK YOU’RE A PRICK. I tossed the bottle at his midriff, he caught it single handed. Did you get the sheets? Both sides need to be done, now.’ I struggled to sound authoritarian. Saaleh seemed to enjoy the challenge. ‘The questions aren’t long, we’ll get it done.’ I tried to pretend nothing had happened. As I looked at him, I wanted to run my fingers across his scalp, through his black hair. He began lining his throat with his fingers. I wanted those to be my fingers. He read my mind, strolling over and grabbing y hand. He laced his fingers between mine, leaning closer. His rosy lips tempted me. Just as I pulled him closer, there was a knock at the door. I shot up to answer it as his lips were inches from mine. ‘Rima we’re not done yet. 10 minutes?’

‘Hurry up, make sure it’s ten minutes!’ she winked and left. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I slammed the door and breathed a sigh of relief. Saaleh chuckled. ‘Close call, no?’ he backed me up against the wall, playing with the frills on my shirt.

‘We can’t get caught. What happened in here, stays in here, understand?’ Saaleh nodded. His arms leaned on the door behind me. YES I’M AWARE YOU HAVE SEXY HANDS.

 ‘Come on get these questions finished!’ I was sweating. I was burning.  I went to the PC and got to work. I felt his eyes travelling all over my body. DON’T THINK I CAN’T SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING.

His eyes were fixated on me the whole time we answered the remaining questions. ‘DONE.’ I printed, collected my things and logged off. ‘Come on let’s get back.’ I told him. I tried opening the door but his hand covered the doorknob. ‘Not yet’. He played with the blinds on the door. He held my arm. ‘We need to copy out these two...’ his arm travelled down to my waist as he delicately lined the outline of my shirt.

‘Sorry what was that?’ STOP IT. He could see I was flushing.


‘Just shut up.’ Our lips interlocked, as my whole body heated up. My knees buckled, my cheeks burned and I dropped everything I was holding, as Saaleh’s love spread throughout my body, from top to bottom, drop after drop.


The End

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