Innocence testedMature

Nix a 14 year old man child deals with the difficulties of growing up in a place where he is miserable until he meets Corrine Channowith a year his elder

I was up next in the sea of over forty- over there prime hipsters eagerly awaiting their turn to sing there crooning ballad or there swooning love song,  I on the other hand would soon be attempting a hair raising rendition of  Rape me by Nirvana. I should have known that this particular song would not go well and I should have known that I probably would get some sinister stares coming my way. What I did not expect was the horrid uproar that my simple Grunge song caused; you see this place as most in the southern United States generally had a very conservative line up of acceptable Karaoke material. Songs Including most ancient Country or American-Proud power ballads and anything by Johnny Cash.

Finishing up my song I looked up to complete silence and then a high shrilled, “What in the hell was that, and that was the nicest review of my song that I received followed immediately by two hoss- sized good ole’ boys flinging back their chairs and telling me in abhorrent English that I better run ,and so I did.

      Running out of the mid 80’s time warp themed shopping center, with vinyl siding in teal and pink shades I noticed awkwardly at this time of cat and mouse that these buildings were probably the newest things in this town. Luck was on my side tonight though because the one cheeseburger away from a heart attack twins had disappeared, but just as I thought luck was on my side, I turned around to an oak branch thwacking me right above the eye, immediately causing me to keel over writhing in searing-stomach wrenching pain. The kind of pain that almost makes you want to throw up, as I was cussing into the twilight sky, the blood coming from my brow met my lips with a copper after taste that told me that I had been bashed nicely.

                                I started my decent down the long gravel and dirt road, using my shirt as a loosely fitted tourniquet, looking like a war weathered solider fresh off the smoke smelled battlefield just happy to survive. I lived Outside a town called Impton which wasn’t much of a town itself in a shire like district called Foal Run, with a population just shy of 3000 our town was the anti metropolis, two stop lights a general purpose store and a couple more sprawling businesses. My parents where the total opposite of me, they left city life for something a little more quaint, to me quaint was death, the idea of anyone let alone everyone knowing  everything about me at any specific time was as alluring as being forced through water torture repeatedly. I wanted to be anonomous, I needed culture and a purpose, and in 1994, the world was screaming full of it but Impton on the other hand was stuck in a time warp that was never going to cease to exist.

                As  I was walking, cussing into the countryside twilight I kept feeling like I was being followed, now this feeling is a little unnerving, it starts to set a panic deep inside a place that I don’t like to go. I would walk about 25 feet or so and the following feeling would rear its ugly head, I kept trying to ignore it partially because at this point my head felt about five feet in circumference and also because most of the time when I would walk late like this, some kind of feeling would set in. I finally gave in thinking,” whatever it was I could and should face it, after all I just out ran the inbred brothers I could deal with this, right?” I turned around on a dime thinking it would be easier to deal with whatever demon or specter or even creepy perverted farm hand with a sense of vigor instead of demure.

                What I faced, at that time, was even more unsettling,  a teenage girl, short in stature almost elfin, light skin and bottle green eyes, but what was most striking on first glimpse, a pixie cut, almost white blonde, a hair style you didn’t see in green acres that often. She was just staring at me, fixated on my gash, when she noticed I was looking she immediately looked down, embarrassed of her curiosity. I finished her thought without letting her speak,” one of your cousins did this I said venomously”, she turned around hurt that I would say something that brash, immediately I felt bad and I started to apologize.

Look…but before I could finish my sentence, she jabbed me back.

Well my name is Corrine.. and you must be angsty, right?

 She said with a hybrid twangy- transatlantic accent.

Her ability to jab back at me so well staggered me to the core, I was humbled for a second I stayed silent for a second.

No uh, my name is Nix…Nix Burton, I stumbled.

Well Nix I guess you didn’t expect this town to have any intelligent citizens did you? Corrine said disenchanted.

No, I never said that, but in my defense, you are the first somewhat witty person I have come across in the entire district of Foal Run, Let alone Impton.

 Most everyone else seems to either be drooling, making out illegible sentences, or pregnant before they can drive,

 This town is exactly where I want to be, how can you stand it? I said sarcastically.

Corrine sighed and in one breath said, I guess this is all I know, bad excuse I know but unfortunately the truth, on the plus side though over the years I’ve became increasingly aware of how blissfully numb I have been, but at sixteen I can’t just up and leave you know?

It sounds like you are victimizing yourself a little bit; you are in control of your own wind direction,

Change it.

We continued walking in silence for about a mile occasionally looking at each other grinning aloud,

I’m here said Corrine.

Thanks for the conversation Hope to argue with you some more she said slyly.

Ok well maybe next time you can actually argue your point a little better huh? Nix Jabbed at Corrine.


                I was Dazed, for the first time since I had moved to Foal Run there was a glimpse of hope, a flicker in the lifeless heartbeat of rural existence, I don’t usually gush for chicks but this girl.. Oh, this girl had my heart doing a hurricane the winds were steady and vast and I did not know how to fix the damage.

The End

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