Gabriel's father died when he was only four. He'd had cancer. His very existence was to make the world better for his son to grow up in. Gabriel had yet to see this happen, but he was now set to follow his father's footsteps.

Gabriel slowly trudged through the rubble. The sky was smoldered with black. Cries of joy mingled with cries of loss. They had won the revolution, but at great loss to them.

A gull cried in the distance as he looked down at his feet. This town, only hours earlier, had been standing still, awaiting whatever terrors the enemy would bring. People had run through it, swiftly gathering their things and their children. Then, they all left. All but him. He had stayed put in his home. He sat in his large, upholstered chair, watching the TV. It showed images of terrible destruction. Sirens had blared the whole time, hurting his sensitive eardrums.

This house was his only connection to his father. Now it stood in ruins.

The End

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