2.) The DealMature

            Later I walked back to my dorm by myself having walked by Ashley’s dorm already, and unlocked the door. My roommate Melissa was sitting on the bed on her laptop.

            “What ya doing?” I asked as I sat my stuff down in a chair.

            “Working on a paper for Mrs. Price. I was caught kissing Brad and this is my punishment plus two weekends of locked rooms” she said.

            “Oh yikes. What’s the paper about?” I laid down on my bed.

            “Diseases and sicknesses that are transferred by kissing” she mocked Mrs. Price. I laughed at that. The teachers could be funny and cruel at the same time. “So I guess you’ll have the dorm to yourself for the weekends” she sighed.

            Until it was time for dinner, I told her about Alec. She said she thought he was a mysterious bad boy but her theory was there was a sweet guy underneath all the leather. We walked to the dining hall together. Here we actually got to wear our clothes, at least somewhat. There were still rules about how short pants and skirts could be, how small the sleeves were on the shirts, how high the shirts came up, and blah blah blah. I just wore some blue denim jeans and a school T-shirt.

            Tonight we were having either: Chicken Alfredo or Chicken Parmesan. Yummy. I sat down alone waiting for Ashley. If I could see her now she was probably either freshening up or flirting with some boy. So I had told her my boy was Alec. I wonder if anybody else knew why he had transferred here, I mean news traveled fast around here. If you had a secret you could only tell your closest friend and be sure the rest of the school wouldn’t all know the next day.

            Someone sat down beside me, “Where were you? Which boy?” I said turning to look at her. Only it wasn’t her. It actually wasn’t a ‘her’ in the first place.

            “Oh I like that one over there” he said pointing to some jock, “He’s got a cute ass” It was Alec.

            “Oh…” I muttered stupidly. That was a fail. Well then…

            “Nah I’m kidding. I actually had my eye on this one beautiful blonde who I helped in Math”

            “Well I heard she’s taken”

            “Oh really?” he challenged.

             “Oh really.”

            At that moment Ashley decided to join us. She had a big smile on her face that could’ve been a mile wide. This was not good.

            “Hi I’m Ashley, Taylin’s friend” She held out her hand for a formal shake. He fist bumped it. She frowned but, was still nice. “So you’re new here?” she asked.

            “Yeah I am”

            I just butted out of the conversation because I knew Ashley had to check him out and make sure he met her standards in order to date me that is if that ever happened. “Why did you come here?”

            “Punishment” he took a bite of his food.

            “What did you do?”

            Now I intervened, “That doesn’t matter. So how were your classes?” I asked Ashley.

            But apparently I was the only one who could hear me; “Set the classroom on fire” he said looking her straight in the eye. Most guys were intimidated by Ashley because of her reputation and looks but he wasn’t scared a bit, if he was he was very good at hiding it.

            Ashley stayed quiet. This had caught her off guard but she at least tried to maintain the steadiness in her voice, “Oh… uh… well…” she stuttered, “Why would you do such a thing?”

            “That’s beside the point. And who are you to be asking questions? How about you tell me a little about yourself?”

            “What do you want to know?” she asked. Now it was obvious who was running this conversation. Tables had just turned.

            “How many people have you slept with?” he asked as he looked up to meet her eyes.

            Her mouth turned into an O. “Uh excuse you, but what makes you think I’m not a virgin in the first place?”

            “Obvious reasons. Your confidence, your looks, and all the boys looking at you. Your type are easy to pick out in a crowd.”

            “My type?”

            “Female players”

            She didn’t say anything but, looked at the ground. “Taylin I’ll see you later” she said getting up and moving.

            “What was that?!” I yelled at him. He had just been a complete asshole to my best friend. No one could do that but me. Even though what he said was true, it was still rude to say it out loud.

            “What?” he looked at me innocently.

            “Why did you do that? And don’t play stupid with me you know what you just did” I glared at him.

            “All I was doing was being completely honest. It that a crime?”

            “You’re an ass, you know that?”

            He nodded his head like he was considering it, “I’ve been told that”

            I scowled at him, “God! Can you just stop it?”

            “What? Am I not how you expected, your highness?”

“Just you… whatever. You know what? Bye” I stood up and walked away. I didn’t look back because I knew I had let him win. How could he not be considerate of people? He was just trouble. Trouble that I needed to stay away from.




            I tried to find Ash but, she wasn’t in the dining hall. I went to her dorm and knocked on the door. The door opened and there to my surprise was a crying Ashley. “What do you want?” she asked out of a sob.

            “Oh Ash…” I pulled her in for a hug, “He was being a douche” I rubbed her back trying to make her feel better. She rarely ever cried but, when she did it was hell.

            “How could he say that? Why would he?” she shook from another sob.

            “I don’t know. He’s just trouble. His looks were okay but, his attitudes a total turn off. I decided he’s not my boy”

            She pulled back from my hug and shook her head, “No he is nice to you. I heard him before I sat down. He said you were beautiful. Just because he was saying stuff to me doesn’t mean you have to push him away”

            “He was mean to my best friend. No one of my friends or boyfriends can do that and get away with it. If he’s mean to you he can forget it.”

            “No. He liked you and you said you liked him. Finally you might have a boyfriend. How long has it been since you’ve had one? Two years? I’ll get over it”


            “No you listen to me. If you ignore and push this boy away I will be sincerely mad. He liked you and if you just blow this off because of this stupid incident I will be so mad Tay”

            I nodded, “You okay?” She nodded, “Don’t you want to get something to eat. You didn’t eat a bite of your food”

            “Not in the mood. What about you? I bet you can still catch up with your prince charming”

            “I’ve had enough of my prince today” She smiled. We said our goodbyes and I decided to go ahead to my dorm. I ended up just going to bed.




            After I had gotten ready by brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, and throwing on the school uniform plus adding on the little bit of make-up the academy allowed, I headed to my classes.

            I sat down at my seat while everyone was up and talking to their friends. I had gotten to class early. I pulled out my book and starting reading, when my book was snatched out of my hands and someone was lying on my desk.

            “Now what do we have here?” he taunted, “The Secret Garden?” I scowled at him and reached for the book, “Ah ah ah. How about a trade? The book for a kiss”

            “No!” I said.

            “Then it looks like your load of books just got lighter” he started getting up.

            “Wait, wait, wait… fine” I considered it. Just a kiss. Nothing too serious. I leaned in and quickly pressed my lips to his for half a second. He was probably expecting some make out because he looked surprised.

            “That’s it? A peck?” he pretended like he was insulted.

            “You said a kiss. I gave you a kiss. Now give me my book” I started talking to him like he was a little kid.

            “I lied” he smirked and tossed the book in the air. He caught it with ease.

            “Just give it to me…” I said as I was launching forward. My momentum pulled me forward towards his face and I caught myself before we collided.

            “Looks like someone was coming back for more. Just can’t keep your hands off me”

            “Oh I’ll put my hands on you. Just not in the way you want” I practically growled.

            “Like it rough, do we?” he was full of himself. Too much confidence, just way too much.

            I stared at the book, “You have no idea…”

            “Well I can take care of that need” he teased.

            I reached out for the book one last time but again missed. He laughed at me. The teacher came in finally and he pounced off my desk leaving my book right in the center of it.

            “Okay class. Basic Rules Time. Since it’s coming close to your vacation lets talk about rules that will be magnified. You know? Rules that we are going to be on a close look out for” she put a smile on her face. I bet she loved putting complications on our summer. This was going to be a long class, “Okay but first before we start. How about we have Miss Melissa come up here and inform us on some downsides of kissing.” She motioned for Melissa to come up to the front.

            Melissa slowly walked up in front of us all. She had a printed paper in her hand.

            “Now Melissa will you share with us why you decided to write us this magnificent paper?”

            “Actually I was forced to write this paper” she said coldly.

            “That’s beside the point” Mrs. Price said just as coldly as Melissa.

            “I was caught kissing someone…”

            “And now she will share why she shouldn’t do it again”

            Melissa read her paper out loud to the class. It was about things like Mono and swapping not spit but, germs.

            “That was very informing” Mrs. Price said, “You may go sit down now. So now that we know about the devastating consequences of kissing we can move on to more important things. Since school is about to end and I know that we allow some parties we need to talk about the rules.” She started pacing around the room as she always did, “Remember no alcohol, no drugs, no smoking, no kissing or sexual contact, and you must keep in mind the dress code even though it is lifted up for the summer; you want respect for yourself by not showing off your body to other people”

            Across from me I could here the quiet comment slip out of Alec mouth, “I wouldn’t mind seeing some skin though”

            Mrs. Price went on about how we should keep in mind we do indeed have rules over the summer and by making sure we do just that she gave us an assignment, “Shoulder partners: pick between these four basic rules: No smoking, no drugs, no alcohol, or no sex. You will give an oral report on Friday as your final grade.”

            I could not believe it. I didn’t want to be around Alec during school in the first place, but now I have to see him after school. This was ridiculous but, there was no use in arguing. Once Mrs. Price had her mind set there was no changing it. I turned to see how Alec was reacting. He was smiling at me.

            “How about we do one that is the most simplest… No sex. Sounds good?”He said with a smirk on his face.

            “I guess” I muttered. I wondered if he would actually work or if I would be the only one doing this project.

            After class was dismissed we were sent to Math. Math was again about Algebra and I did do exceptionally better at it today. The teacher was sitting at her desk reading a book and she hadn’t had to come to help me once. I was pleased with myself. Everything was going good until Alec struck up a conversation.

            “So, when would be a good time for you? Tonight?” he asked.

            “I guess”

            “Oh, c’mon cheer up; you just got put with the sexiest, awesome person at the school”

            I snorted, “Oh, please. You’ve got a big head you know?”

            His voice dropped low and he got close enough to whisper in my ear, “Which one? Because both would be accurate.”

            I turned to look at him. He was inches apart from me and his dark eyes looked like he could see right through me and his gaze was intense. Before I knew what was happening our lips met for a few seconds. I pulled away as quick as we had started.

            For a second he looked serious then his joking smile returned, “That all you got?” he teased.

            I felt myself blush. That had not just happened. I turned to see if anyone had seen. No one was looking, thank the lord. For the rest of the class I managed to focus on the numbers and letters on my paper.

            We went to lunch and then headed to our Human Body class. We were on the subject of what illegal drugs can do to our bodies, again for the summer parties. I dosed off all class. What had I been thinking? How had I kissed Alec? It’s not like I couldn’t stop running into him, tonight we had to do work for our report on no sex. Great.

            I was lucky. This was the only class I didn’t have Alec as a partner. Instead I had Ashley so it was a relief. I decided to tell her what happened in Mr. Conway’s class.

            “You just kissed him? Like a peck?” she asked her eyes wide.

            “Yeah, I wasn’t really aware I was doing it though” I said kind of weirdly.

            “Uh-uh, sure okay. Did anyone see?”

            “Not that I know of”

            “Aw, how did it feel? You know kissing him for the first time”

            “Well…” I decided not to tell Ashley about the kiss I gave him to get my book back since it didn’t mean anything.

            “Well what?” she raised her eyebrow at me.

            “It wasn’t the first.” After the look I got from her I continued before she could start, “It was meaningless though, it was just to get my book back and it was a half a second peck”

            “Okay, well what are you going to do tonight?” she asked.

            “I haven’t really planned. I was just going to work on the project” I said dumbly.

            “Oh please. He likes you, he’s your boy. Ooh la la.” She winked and flipped her hair, “It’s ironic why you guys chose the no sex rule if you know what I mean”

            “Oh no. No. No. I am not going to do anything like that. I decided he isn’t the type of guy I want”

            “So the dark, sexy, mysterious isn’t your type?”

            “Well I mean didn’t you hear him. He set the class on fire and he wanted someone dead too. “

            She paused and thought, “That is a turn off, isn’t it?”

            I rolled my eyes, “We are nothing more than friends. No, we are nothing more than acquaintances and/or partners in class.”

            “Fine. I’ll believe you if you promise to tell me everything that happens tonight tomorrow” she held out her hand to shake on it.

            I thought about it. What was the worst that could happen, I wouldn’t let anything happen so, I grabbed her hand and shook on it, “Deal”





            After our classes were over I headed to my dorm to get changed. I had, had gym and was sweaty. I took a long warm shower and was just stepping out of the shower. There was a knock on the door. I threw a towel around me and ran to the door thinking it was Melissa and she had lost her key again.

            When I opened the door it was not Melissa. It was Alec, surprise, surprise.

            “Why are you here?” I crossed my arms demanding an answer.

            He didn’t answer though he was staring me down his eyes wide. I looked down at myself and realized I had only a short towel wrapped around me. I crossed my arms tighter as if that would cover me up more. I cleared my throat, “Excuse me but, why are you here?”

            His eyes trailed up slowly to look me in the eyes, “Oh, the project” I turned around and looked at the clock it was only five sixteen.

            “We said tonight”

            “Oh did we? Sorry, I forgot” he said sarcastically. He wasn’t going anywhere.

            “Um, just come in and… just wait here I’ll be right back”

            “Oh you don’t have to do that” he winked. I rolled my eyes and went inside the bathroom. Gosh, how could he see me in just a towel? I looked around and then I noticed my clothes were on my bed. What an idiot I was.

Then there was a knock on my bathroom door. I creaked it open a tiny bit to see Alec standing there with my clothes in his hands. My bra just so happened to be on top. “You forget something?” he raised his eyebrow. I blushed, grabbed my clothes quickly, and closed the door. I just threw on some underwear, a bra, jean shorts, a tank top, and towel dried my hair.

            When I came out he was sitting in my chair with his feet up on my desk, “So you bring your computer?” I asked grabbing my computer from my bed.


            “Well I guess we’ll just use mine” I pulled out my laptop and pulled up a chair to my desk. He didn’t move from my desk. I hit his feet to get them down, but they didn’t budge. I sighed and looked at him.

            “What’s the magic word?” he teased.

            “Down. Now” I said sternly.

            “Well the last I remembered it, it was please but, I’ll let it go since you’re pretty” his feet dropped.

            I propped open the computer and waited for it to start, “So have you ever actually had sex?” he asked.

            The question caught me off guard. I had never been in any serious relationships and I had never had sex. “No”

            “What I thought”

            I turned and looked at him, “What’s that suppose to mean?”

            He shrugged, “Typical good girl” when I looked like I wanted to object he continued, “Taylin, when was the last time you broke a rule?”

            I thought back. The last time I had Ashley and I had snuck out to a party about a month ago. “A few weeks ago…”

            He raised his eyebrows, “Oh really? Were you five minutes late for curfew?”

            “No! We snuck out!”


            “Ashley and I. You know the one you so rudely criticized at dinner”

            “Oh” he said simply, “How many people have you kissed?” I started thinking, “That wasn’t your boyfriend at the time” he added.

            I slumped “None”

            “What’s the worst punishment you’ve gotten?”

            “Four weeks in the locked rooms for caught sneaking out” I said without thinking. Those weeks were so long just sitting in the plain rooms reading all day while you know all your friends are talking to each other and having fun.

            “And you don’t count yourself as a good girl?” he asked incredulously.

            “No, I do not” I said.

            “Okay, fine then I want you to prove it. Every opportunity you get to break the rules or do something bad you have to do it. It goes on until school ends.” he smirked probably thinking I wouldn’t accept.

            I mean why did it matter what he thought of me? I shouldn’t have cared but, for some reason it did. I would not let him think I was soft. I wouldn’t go down without a fight. I held out my hand ready for a shake.

He looked surprised, “How do I know you’ll really do it? How do I know you will actually follow through when I’m not around?” he hesitated.

“I always keep my word. You have to trust me” I said, not wanting to explain.

            Finally, after considering it he grabbed my hand and we shook on it. He had a big grin on his face. Since we had the deal settled I started to look up Sexually Transmitted Diseases when he said, “Okay Mrs. Opportunity, kiss me”

            I was taken aback. What? My first initial response was no but I couldn’t do that. It was breaking the rules to kiss someone and I had to break the rules every chance I got. I swallowed and put on a fake smile, “Sure”

            He didn’t lean in; he waited for me to make the first move. I couldn’t let him get the best of me so I started slowly leaning in knowing he was watching me closely. When our lips met he stood up and pulled me with him so our kiss didn’t break. Despite his rough appearance his lips were soft. He pulled me into him and I allowed him. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this. I would have to tell Ash everything including this, but at the moment I didn’t care. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist. I could’ve pulled away at any time, it’s not like he asked for a make out session but I wanted to prove to him I would do more than expected. I would beat him.

            The kiss started getting faster and harder but I didn’t stop. I actually… liked it. I was wrong about what Ashley had said: dark and mysterious was my type. He was my type. But I wouldn’t let him know that so I pulled away. I guess he wasn’t expecting it because he was left hanging there. I just looked at him.

            “Damn” he said. We were still in each others arms. I awkwardly pulled my hand down from around his neck and he did the same from my waist. “I was not expecting that” he said honestly.

            Inside I got some satisfaction, outside I just shrugged, “Sorry?”

            “Oh, no. No need to apologize” he said obviously feeling good about himself.

            “Just one thing” I said.


            “That won’t be a regular thing”

            “I’ll be the one to decide that” he said darkly. I ignored the tone of his voice and turned my attention to the computer.

            “We really do need to get started though”

            He sighed dramatically, “Fine”

The End

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