Pho: New BeginningMature

Pho looked over to Ania and smiled, it was both warm and happy, two expressions Pho had grown so used to in the past months. 

"Ania...I'm gonna go and get a snack, want something?" She raised an eyebrow at him, making him sigh and chuckle. "Yes, I'll buy." Her face lit up and she nodded eagerly. After giving him her menu, which was a nice way of putting it, he walked down the hospital's hallway and into the elevator. The door chimed as he stepped inside and the elevator doors began to shut. 

"Hey! Hold the Door!" A voice shouted somewhat helplessly. Pho moved and pressed his foot between the doors, making the elevator's bell chime again and the doors opened. A short girl with long silky black hair and vibrant blue eyes hurried next to him in the elevator, she was breathing hard but she had a relieved smile on her face. "Thanks, I always hate waiting for the elevator." Pho stared at her for a second not really sure what to say, blushing and pushing his hands in his pocket he spoke. 

"Yea sure, I hate waiting for 'em too." The girl giggled, pulling a lock of her hair from her face and tucking it behind her ear. 

"Nice to meet you, I'm Chase!" the girl said with a big smile. Pho cocked his head and the girl laughed even more. "Blame my mom, she wanted a boy but instead she got I still got a guys name. Not to mention my mom has to practically chase me 'round the house to do chores." Pho smiled, Chase seemed sweet not to mention she was beautiful. 

"I'm...uh...Pho," he said back, stuttering a bit. The girl nodded then a light seemed to click in her head. 

"Are you the boy who got shot saving his sister a while back?" Her eyes widened making the blue grow from lakes to oceans. Pho rubbed the back of his neck and nodded, the girl let out a pent up squeal and blushed. "Sorry...I just that was really brave of you." The two stood there awkwardly until the elevator chimed and they were at the cafeteria level.  

Both moved and grabbed various food items, though Pho had more cause he was buying for two. 

"Geez Fatty," Chase teased looking at the snacks Pho had in his hand. He shrugged. 

"I can't help it if my twin is a hog," he laughed back. After the two had paid, they returned to the elevator and waited to return to the third floor. Pho leaned against the back wall while Chase messed with her phone. Suddenly the machine began to ring, playing a heavy metal song that Pho recognized. 

"That's my favorite song," Pho blurted out. Then dropped his gaze sheepishly at the floor. Chase pressed a button on the phone shutting the song off. 

"That's weird..." she started "Cause it's my favorite song too." Chase paused then smirked at Pho who had finally looked back to her. "We have a bit in common then I guess," she finished. Pho nodded and the elevator door rang. 

"Chase," Pho started nervously then swallowed. She tilted her head and waited for him to continue. "Mind walking with me back to room with my family?" Pho was standing there just waiting for her to say no. Chase gave him no emotion then hooked an arm around him. 

"Sure, let's go!" Pho hid his excitement and surprise as they walked arm in arm down the hallway. Ania was waiting for them, raising an eyebrow as the two approached. Chase pulled her arm out from Pho's and the two stood before Ania, both smiling broadly. 

"Pho, I gotta go. My brother's just out of his surgery" She took his hand and pulled out a pen, scribbling a number on his palm. "See you around?" She asked looking over her shoulder. 

"Absolutely!" He said back, watching as her silhouette disappeared. 

"So...." Ania trailed off with a wicked smile on her face. "Who was she Pho?" He looked to Ania and sighed happily. 


"Spit it out Pho!" Ania said, excited with the suspense. 

"I think I really like her..." he said blushing. Ania hugged him tightly and whispered to him. 

"I'm so happy for you Pho." 

The End

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