Aina; Awkward Silence.Mature

Seeing little Matthew (who I would probably steal if it weren't for Pho's steely grip on my hand) wrapped up in that bundle made me want to cry, now I looked closely at his face, he resembled Pho much more than his parents(ugh... Cira is too much of a outgoing girl to have kids... I wanted to have them before her!!), because if Matthew wasn't so chubby, he'd look just like Pho's newborn pictures(Pho always been skinny.. damn him...).

'Cira, me and Pho can baby sit!'I said quickly, determined to be good for their new family(ugh, again, sounds weird), Damien smiled widely.

'Your only, what fourteen? You'd die, looking after something that cries loads.' Cira snickered, despite her tired, sweaty appearance, she'd managed to regain her sarcastic personality.

'We turned fifteen a month ago!' Pho and I nearly shouted at the same time, causing Matthew to start crying. We both flinched and looked at eachother sheepishly.

'C'mon, trouble, we should let them have some alone time with mum and dad.' Pho poked my cheek, smiling. I nodded, and waved goodbye, for now, because I was determined to spend as much time with that little bundle of everything adorable as I could.

We walked down the hallway slowly and silently, exchanging awkward glances.

'Um... hows Daniel?' Pho said finally, despite our ability to look and be inseparable, Pho and I still had long awkward moments. Nothing had been quite the same since the incident(which is never, ever mentioned).

'He's okay... he's still studying abroad in the US, though.'


'Because he's, like, learning stuff which he can't learn in the UK.' I mumbled, embarrassed by the lack of insight on the situation.


'So... Matthews cute right?'

'I guess.'

'Hmph... typical guy... can't say somethings cute!' I snorted, fiddling with my still-blonde hair. He glanced at the lock, with a hint of irritation in his eyes.

'Fine then, he's cute!' He sighed, 'if she doesn't make us his godparents, I'm gonna be angry.'


'Hm, maybe we should ask her to? I mean, if we don't she'll go ask her friends.'

'Yeah!' I said, feeling pumped up, '...but we'll have to wait until she's, y'know, not covered in sweat and baby stuff.'

'Vulgar girl!' Pho chided me, but I knew he knew what I was on about.

After that, the awkward silence hung in the air like smoke once again. I really wanted to break it... but I didn't know what to say.

The End

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