Cira: Taking the VowsMature

I couldn't subdue the anxious flutter of butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't believe how far I'd come in a month. From sat in hospital in a coma, to minutes away from walking down the aisle, carrying the baby of the man I love.

"You look stunning, Cira." My maid of honour, a mutual friend of mine and Damien's murmured as she adjusted my veil. "Damien is not going to be able to keep his hands off you.

I let out a nervous laugh, smiling more broadly when Ania giggled as well. She was my cheif bridesmaid, with some of our younger cousins as flower girls, all paired up with younger cousins of Damien's for page boys.

I looked down at my hand, seeing the ring that had almost become a part of me now. Its white-gold band glowed softly in the light, a simple, almond-shaped diamond set between two tiny rubies completing the ring.

"Hey, Ania, I need your opinion on this one." I said, giving her a twirl. "What do you think?"

She gave me a stunning smile, "You look beautiful, Cira."

Her simple praise gave me the confidence I needed to face the mirror to see the final result.

The afternoon light streamed in from the window, catching the diamonds in the band holding the veil to my hair, which fell in lose ringlets down my back. My eyes had been circled with smokey eyeliner, giving them a cat-like appearance. They seemed to glow a brighter blue with excitement. The dress was strapless, leaving my shoulders bare. The bodice hugged my figure, covered with lace, a small diamond in the centre of the cleavage at the top. The skirt flared slightly from my waist, slit up the front to reveal an ivory lace underskirt. The train was modest, as was my bouquet, which was made up of white roses.

Damien and I had chosen a beautiful little place to get married, I would emerge from a band of trees, the altar facing a vast lake and mountains. We decided that we wanted beauty, not religion to be our witness.

I was finally hustled into a car from the hotel and we took the short journey out of the village. The band of trees was more a screen, hiding the road from where the ceremony was to take place. Somehow, a proper band had set themselves up to play the wedding march as I emerged into warm sunlight streaming down.

Despite the beauty around me though, all I could see was Damien's face. As my Dad gave my hand to his, he squeezed it slightly, giving me a blinding smile. And at the end of the ceremony, he kissed me like it was the first time all over again, holding me as though he never wanted to let go. I could really appreciate why people said that their wedding day was the happiest of their lives. As I looked at Damien, all the doubts and fears I had about the future vaporised. I knew this was where I was meant to be; by his side.

Six Months Later.

"Congratulations, its a boy."

The nurse handed over a tiny bundle with a warm smile as Damien kissed me on the cheek.

"I'm proud of you, Cira." He murmured, leaning his head on mine.

I stroked the cheek of our son, amazed at how perfect he looked. Already, he had a fuzz of dark hair. One perfect fist closed around my finger, taking my breath away.

"Matthew James." I whispered, looking at Damien.

He nodded, his smile mirroring mine. "Matthew James Hunte... Its perfect."

The next morning, the rest of our family arrived.

Ania instantly fell in love with Matthew, smiling, unable to take her eyes off him, talking nonsense to him as she presented the teddy bear that she and Pho had picked out for him.

"Say hello to Uncle Pho, Matthew." I said, smiling at my son. Pho's eyes widened.


I nodded, "He's your nephew Pho."

I'd never seen a smile so big on my little brother's face before the moment he realised this.

"I'm too young to be an uncle." He mock-grumbled, though I noticed he too, was unable to keep his eyes off my son, his nephew.

Even my parents showered Damien and me with praise, also falling in love with our son.

As they introduced themselves to Matthew, I murmured to Damien.

"Our little family.. I think this could be the start of something beautiful."

He turned to me, his eyes bright "It already is something beautiful."

The End

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