Pho: Home AgainMature

Two Weeks Later

Pho stood outside the hospital, his weight balanced between his good leg and the crutches tucked under his arms. His eyes stared up at the old concrete building and he grinned, it was amazing how getting shot had changed his life, ironically for the better. 

"Hey gimpy," Ania teased walking up behind him. "You coming? Everyone's waiting on you. Pho nodded. 

"Yea...I'll be there in a second...just give me a moment." Ania smiled at him and hurried back to their car. Returning his attention back to the hospital, his thoughts fell to something that had hung on his conscience. Cira...not only that she had become engaged to Damien but that she was pregnant.

He frowned and began to move back to the car. He didn't know how to feel about that, What would my sister being married and having a child mean? Pulling the door open he put his crutches on the floor and pulled in his injured and braced leg. 

"Slow poke!" Ania laughed, Pho shook his head and smirked. "Anyway Pho, just wait till we get home. You too Cira!" Damien chuckled from the driver's sear as Cira and Pho looked to each other, exchanging suspicious glances. 

"What are you too up to?" Cira asked looking to her sister. 

"Oh nothing, nothing." Ania said innocently batting her eyes. The rest of the car ride was silent except for the soft tunes drifting from the cars radio. When they were about 5 minutes out, Ania began fidgeting and Damien wore a big stupid grin on his face.

"Seriously you two, what's going on?" Pho demanded, the pain in his leg beginning to throb as his blood pressure rose. He looked to Damien, pleading with his eyes to know.

"Not yet Pho, you always were impatient," Ania teased, ruffling his hair. Pho whined and pushed himself back in his seat. Cira sighed and looked back at him letting out a slight giggle. 

"What?" he said scowling. 

"You look just like when you were little and couldn't get your way, always sitting in your room with that pouty face. Your bottom lip hanging out just a bit. It's just so cute!" Pho shrunk in his seat mumbling under his breath, he felt like a child again. The car slowed and pulled into the driveway, Ania was the first to jump out, she ran to the door and stood in front of it.  Damien moved around to the other side of the car, helping Cira out though she told him she was fine. 

"Stop fussing," She chided him stepping from the car and walking to the front steps. Again Pho was the last of the group, ungracefully walking with the aid of his crutches. The constant sound of the metal on concrete almost sounded ominous as Pho reached his family. 

"Close your eyes," Ania said to both her sister and her brother. 


"Close your eyes." she repeated more resolutely. Pho and Cira sighed but complied. They could hear the latch of a door open and Damien guided them inside. 

"Ok," he said "Open your eyes." When Pho and Cira open their eyes they gasped. 

"Welcome Home!" Their parents said joyously. The room was strung with ribbons and a welcome home banner, a small cake set at the middle of the table surrounded by food. Pho began drooling it had been so long since he had normal food.

Cira squealed and hugged Damien tight, Ania laughed and hugged Pho. His eyes widened and he looked down at her. It was the first time that they had truly hugged ever...without him forcing her.

"I'm glad your home," she murmured. Pho hugged her back, leaning on his good leg. "Me too, too." He whispered back to her. 

The End

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