Aina; Results.Mature

'Cira!' I burst into her room, interrupting what seemed to be, a very intimate conversation. Damien gave me a little look and I knew what I'd walked in on. I cursed, feeling terrible as I recalled what he had told me about.

'Aina... I really need your advice.' Damien mumbled, pulling me to one side, I looked at him expectantly.


'I want to propose to Cira... but...'

'She'll say yes, now I'm off before I miss the next episode of 90210!' I'd ran off, forgetting the whole thing, I never thought he was actually going to do it...


'Aina!' Cira scolded me, she'd never heard me swear before, well; I guess there was no point in going now I'd ruined the mood.

'Cira, sorry Damien,' I spared him a glance.

'S'okay.' He shrugged, but I could see the irritation etched onto his face.

'The nurse is coming... it's umm... something... let her tell you!' I have a little jumped as the door swung open and the nurse and our parents came in with stern looks on their faces.

'Now, miss Crockford, this may come as a somewhat large shock... but we've received some other test results...' The nurse began, dad's fists were tightly balled up and I closed one eye, because I knew that after the nurse had finished, there was going to spit in that eye after he started screaming.

'What... what is it?' Cira asked wearily. Damien looked at her and Cira looked at him, then I looked at the two. They had no idea...

'Because the operation was to your head and the signs weren't as clear as they are..umm... now,' the nurse glanced at my father with a worried expression, his whole body was shaking, 'but, Cira... your two and a half months pregnant. I'll leave!' She added quickly as my mother said something to her.

I edged to the back of the room, I saw Damien and Cira's faces slowly drain of all colour.

'Aine, honey, why don't you go play with Pho?' Mum said softly, pushing me from the room, I left quickly, knowing that there would be one too many swear words and lots of yelling, with shouty bits added on to come if I stayed there.

'Cira!' Was the last thing I heard before I exited the area pronto.

The End

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