Pho: ApologyMature

Ania and Pho smiled at each other before Doctor Young walked in, a large grin beaming over the two children. Pho raised an eyebrow at him, Why was he so happy?

"Ania, I'm sorry about this but your parents are here to pick you up. Your brother needs his rest." Ania frowned a bit and nodded. Her arms wrapped tightly around her twin, letting him know that she loved him.

"Night, Pho. Don't let the bed bugs bite!" She jested at him before walking to the door.

"Thanks Ania," he laughed as she waved good bye and disappeared. His attention then focused on the Doctor who hadn't left his bedside. Pho moved his good leg onto the bed and pulled the other one atop the sheets. His face scrunched in pain and his teeth gritted. How long will I have to live with all this pain....? Dr. Young took a seat and watched the boy while he settled in.

"Pho, I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you prefer to hear?" Pho yawned and rubbed his eyes, in a motion that resembled a child much younger. Blinking a few times, he looked to the Doctor.

"Bad news first..." The Dr. shrugged and placed his hands in his lap. "The surgeon and I have been talking for a bit and have decided to keep you in the hospital for another few weeks. Three at the most. When you do get sent home though, your leg will be in a brace and you'll have to use crutches. Your leg will also bear a scar from where the bullet tore through."

"Do you still have the bullet?" Pho asked staring off into the distance. Young raised an eyebrow.

"Yes but why?"

"I want to hold it in my hands, keep it if possible. A reminder of something that, according to you, killed me." The Dr. opened his mouth, about to protest but Pho silenced him with a dismissive wave. "Yes, I know, I alive but it's the idea that fascinates me...holding something so small and yet so deadly." He turned his head to the side, sighing and nuzzling into the plush pillow a bit more. He looked tired, almost on the verge of sleep."And the good news...considering your bad news wasn't all that bad."

Young looked towards the door, almost wishing it was shut. He knew exactly what was about to happen. There would be no stopping Pho when he told him. Running his hand through his now graying hair, Young answered.

"Your sister Cira, she's awake and responsive." Pho sat straight up; his eyes wide open as if he had been struck by lightning. "She...uh...wants to see you." Pho threw off his covers, his sister was alive...she was going to pull through and be alright. The guilt of Cira's near death had weighed upon him heavily. Now it seemed like that guilt was lifted, if only a little bit.

"I'm going to see her!" he said pushing himself off his bed. The Doctor caught him before his bad leg struck the ground. 

"Let me get a wheel chair, I'll take you to her just calm down." As Young went to grab the chair, Pho twitched and fidgeted with excitement and fear. What should I say to her? Why does she want to see me? How long until she is all better?  When Pho rested in the wheel chair he dismissed the Dr. telling him that he would be fine and that he wanted his words to be between himself and his sister (if need be,  Damien).

He moved through the silent halls, an occasional laugh or cry would echo from one of the rooms disturbing the now fading night. At her closed door, he paused, his hand hesitating over the handle. He took a shaky breath then turned the knob, pushing the door in quietly.

"Cira...?" his voice just louder than a whisper. I have to apologize; I have to tell her it's all my fault that I'm sorry. That I'm just so sorry for trying to kill you just because I'm a broken. I'm a freak...I have to tell her I love her too and that if she truly hates my guts, I can accept that. 

Pho felt tears begin to pour down his face as he entered the room and neared his sister.  If only that bullet had been a few centimeters to the left...I'd be dead and she wouldn't have to worry about broken little me.  "Cira..." he whispered again softly, ".....I.....I'm sorry."

The End

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