Pho: Meeting Your DemonsMature

Pho watched Ania as she stepped from his room with Cira. The door was shut leaving him alone once more. His eyes shut heavily and tears dripped down his face. Sitting there, watching Ania and telling her what she needed to hear. How she had bubbled and gushed over Daniel, Pho winced remembering her happiness.

A tired sigh fell from his lips. All he wanted was for her to be happy...and if he had to sacrifice all those old feelings so be it. Pho whined as a throbbing pain pulsed through his damaged leg, his hand pressing against the bandages. It felt as though his leg was about to burst open from the growing pressure.

Loud chirped echoed and picked up pace, as his heartrate began to skyrocket. Frantically, he tore at the bandages, throwing the white material aside. The machines whirring grew louder, causing the nurse and Doctor Young to run into the room. As they drew closer to him, the nurse gasped. Pho was tearing at his stitches with a frenzied fear, causing blood to pour from the wound and onto the bed.

"Pho you need to stop!" Doctor Young shouted, pinning him to the bed while the nurse pushed a needle full of morphine, into his vein. Pho cringed and sobbed, shouting and begging the doctor to let him pull out the stitches. 

"PLEASE!" he begged as the morphine took effect. "It hurts so very bad...I...I..." his eyes fell shut and his body went slack, he was unconscious. The nurse and doctor rushed to stop the bleeding as more nurses entered the room and helped. 

"Get him to surgery!" Doctor Young shouted as the nurses rushed and carted the unconscious twin out of the room and down the hallway.

Pho felt that he was drifting, like he was caught in limbo. The space surrounding him was a set of lightly colored pastels. He sat up, the action causing him to be a bit dizzy, and he looked around. Grass tickled his hands as a soft breeze wooshed around him. Where was this place? He thought wondering how he had came to such a strange place.

"Isn't it obvious?" a familiar voice called out to him. Pho turned his head and gasped. The other person was him, almost... they had the same color eyes, hair, and skin but there were stark differences. The other version of his looked darker, more predatory and dangerous. Pho's eyebrows fell together, how could he be talking to himself?

"Who are you?" Pho asked stupidly, he couldn't think of anything else to say...he was too confused. His darker copy raised an eyebrow and chuckled, the sound made Pho shiver.

"I'm you...well, the better you anyways." A twisted smile was on his copy's lips as their eyes met. "I'm your personality...kinda, for the last 14 and a half years I've been living with you. More controlling you now that I think of it. Everything was perfect till Ania and Cira got noble...then you came along!" The copy pointed a finger at Pho accusingly.

"I don't understand. Cira's fine and Ania is destined for a better life. Without me...obsessing over her." Pho said, plainly. 

"You don't get it, do you? I'm the very core of you that loved Ania with all his soul, I protected her from Daniel and Saul. I was there when no one else was, watching her every move and drinking in her image. Then when she cast me away you came along. You thought Ania deserved better than me, that she deserved some other guy. It's pathetic!" 

Pho stared in horror at the copy before him, was this what he was really like? Had he been this sadistic, this evil and wrong? He shook his head, finally understanding all of Ania's words, actions and fears. 

"She doesn't need There is so much that the world has to offer, I can't control her...that would destroy her until there would be nothing left. I can still love her...but like a brother and not a lover." His copy snarled and tackled Pho to the ground. 

"She's MINE! My sweet Ania, I'm not going to let you take her from me!" the copy's angry voice howled, his fingers curling around his neck. Pho writhed and struggled against himself, gasping for air. 

"He's flat lining! Someone grab the defibrilator!" Pho heard a far off voice shout, but he ignored it. He had to stop this copy from killing him. Gaining a bit of leverage, Pho slammed his feet into the copy's stomach. The attack threw the doppleganger into the air and onto his back. 

"I'll kill us both, if I have to!" the copy whined rolling onto his side and coughing up blood. 

"No," Pho said sternly, standing over the other. "While we are twins, Ania deserves anything she wants and she doesn't want you!" His fingers clamped around the copy's throat, chocking the life from his darker self. 

"You''ll....regret...this!" the copy said before his body went limp and vanished in a puff of black smoke. 

"He's back!" The far off voice shouted again. Pho collapsed onto the grass, feeling himself being dragged back into his body. Finally, a heavy weight fell from his shoulders, Ania was truly free. 

The End

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