Aina; Everything ChangesMature

I swayed a little on the spot, taking in Pho's words, wondering where the boy with a passion that could not be quenched had gone.

'How embarrassing...' I mumbled, starting to cry.

'What?' Pho asked, startled, he looked up, worried.

'I just said all those stupid things and you didn't even need me...'I sniffed, looking away.

'I never said I didn't need you, Aina. I just don't think I need you in that way.' He said quietly, he took my hand and smiled at me. 

'I... I still don't understand why you did all those crazy things.' I frowned at his hand, 'if you don't need me "like that" then why did you go  and hurt people?'

'To protect you, but it sounds idiotic, even to me now.' Pho laughed weakly, shaking his head, 'mind you, I'll still protect you, no matter what.'

'I don't know whether I should be concerned or happy.' I laughed, wiping away the tears which had built up in my eyes. Pho let go of my hand.

A silence washed through the room, bringing an awkward atmosphere with it. I shifted on my feet uncomfortably, Pho looked up and looked like he was about to say something, then paused as my phone rang.

'It's Daniel...' I began, looking at Pho with worry.

'Take it. As long as it's not that bastardised child, Saul, it's cool.' Pho smiled calmly, I couldn't see anything brewing under the smile.

I wrinkled my nose with distaste and flipped it open, nodding my head and the rest of my family as I exited the room.


'Daniel... I'm sorry--'

'Are you okay? Your not hurt or anything?!'

'No, no! I just had to leave quickly, 'I carried on swiftly before he could interrupt, 'Pho got hurt and I had to get to the hospital fast.'

'Well, is Pho alright?'

'Yeah, he just...umm... got shot.' I laughed shakily, scratching the back of my head.

'Just got shot? He's not badly injured is he?'

'No, just his leg. I don't know when he'll be walking again, but he's in high spirits.' I grinned, even though he could't see me.

'Listen... I know this sounds awful, even over the phone... but some of the guys in our class say there's something weird going on between Pho and you.. I don't mean to pry or be rude or anything... it's just--'

'No.' I said honestly, 'nothing is going on.'


'Yeah, were just a ordinary pair of twins.'

'Then, can go out another time when your brother isn't getting shot?'

'Yes! Yes, I'd really like to!' I cried, clutching my mobile so tightly I thought it'd break. 

'I'll see you at school then.'

'Okay, bye.'

The phone beeped as Daniel hung up, I sat on a chair and pressed my phone to my chest. Cira stepped out of Pho's room and looked at me, her eyes twinkling knowingly, 'you better like this guy as much as you think you do.'

'I do.'I replied, grinning, 'but..umm...'


'Do you have two pounds I could borrow? I'm starving!' I laughed, holding out my hand expectantly.

'Hm. Greedy little git...' She sighed, rumaging through her pocked for some money. She gave it to me, and I sauntered down the coridoor, humming to myself. 



The End

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