Cira: ShameMature

I sat with Pho in the ambulance, the mystery guy vanishing at the sight of blood. Pho lay unconcious, his face white, with bruise-like smudges under his eyes. I wanted to cry at the sight of my little brother like this. Instead, I felt a burning guilt that I'd run away. 

I know how to fight.. I should have helped him. Why didn't I think?!

Damien met me as they whisked Pho away for surgery. He held me tight as Ania and our parents arrived shortly after. 

"This corridor is way too familiar. " I joked, my voice shaky. 

Ania flashed me a smile that was too bright. Her eyes glittered in the harsh hospital lighting and twin spots of colour danced high on her cheekbones. When she clasped her hands together, her knuckles whitened and I saw that her hands were shaking. 

After hours, another familiar face approached us. 

"Cira," Doctor Young nodded in greeting. "Well, Pho is stable and should be coming round soon." He smiled at my parents. "You have very strong children Mr. and Mrs. Crockford. I'm sure you're very proud."

They nodded, murmuring assurances that they were and were led, along with Ania, to see Pho. Doctor Young took me to one side.

"Cira, how are you doing?" His eyes fixed me in a penatrating stare. 

I blinked in surprise. "Erm, mostly okay.."

He waited for me to continue. Damien was watching us with a small crease between his eyes. I took a breath before continuing.

"But I passed out earlier. That was when Pho must have found me." 

Doctor Young nodded, looking grim. "Keep in touch, Cira. If anything like that happens again, you need to come back in."

"Okay." I replied in a small voice, feeling like a child again. 

Damien took me by the shoulder, steering me away from the doctor and towards my brother. When I saw he was awake, I hung back at the end of his bed, unsure of his reaction. 

"...and Cira was the one who got you here. The doctors said she probably saved your life." Mom was telling Pho, making me out to be a hero. I met his eyes and something passed between us. Then, I thought he understood. 

I wasn't the hero. I was the coward who ran. Pho saved me. 

The End

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