Aina; Give Myself UpMature

The house phone bleeped loudly on the couch's arm, I jumped for it and pressed te answer button.



'Cira, what's up? Did you find him?!' I cried into the phone, clutching it with both hands, mum and dad rushed in and stood by me, anticipating Cira's reply.

'Ah... Aina, Pho... Pho got shot...' Cira muttered, I felt my heartbeat quicken and my head lighten.

The phone slipped from my grasp and dad caught it just in time, I felt my hands begin to shake... Pho was dead...? he was head and the last words I said to him were that I hated him... no... I'm sorry... I'm so, so, so sorry, Pho... shit... no!

'Okay! We'll meet you in the hospital in twenty minutes.' Dad said swiftly, nodding, 'Aina... Aina?'

'Oh... oh...' Were the only noises I could muster at the present moment.

'Aina, Pho got shot, were going to see how he is. Do you think you should go? It may be too much for you.' He said quietly, looking at my expressionless face for any sign that I'd heard what he had just said.

'So... Pho's not dead?' I whispered shakily. 

'No, he was shot in the leg and lost a lot of blood.' Mum jutted in before dad could answer, 'we know your's and Pho's relationship is a little... iffy at the moment, but--'

'No, I'll go.' I said, standing up, 'I'm gonna go get my trainers.'

No sooner had I left the room, I sprinted into my bedroom, slamming the door shut behind me. Why... why did Cira sound do wrecked? Why had Pho gotten shot? In fact, why did he run away in the

Oh yeah. Me. It's all my fault right? If I had just let Pho have his way with me, he wouldn't be in hospital right now. If I let him... If I let him so whatever he wanted with me, would he stop his madness? 

Would being with me make him sane again? I don't know, but thinking about it now... it seems correct. If I gave myself up to Pho, would he stop hurting the people we love? Would doing that save my family the trouble of cleaning up after his mess?

I sighed frustratedly, throwing my wardrobe door open. I grabbed my trainers and shoved them on.

'Aina?' Mum called from the bottom of the stairs.

'Coming! Coming!' I yelled, opening my door.

I may be as insane as Pho now, but I guess giving myself to Pho would protect my loved one's. I don't know who Pho is any more, hurting Cira, hurting all those people from school... but doing this would surely protect people.So I had to do it.



The End

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