Pho: Knife in a Gun FightMature

Pho wandered around the forest for hours, eventually dragging himself into the city. Traversing the slums, tripping over gutters, and shying away from the homeless that gathered around trash bin fires. How could anyone make an existence out in this cold and cruel world? I hope your happy with it Ania, this disgusting and horrid life. Happy with that Daniel kid and your blonde hair. Looking up Pho realized that he was in the city park, though he wasn't sure how he had reached it. 

The lights from the lamps lit a small concrete pathway. He sighed and followed it, maybe it would take him to a play ground that he could spend the night in. From there he didn't really know where he would go. Maybe get a bus or train ticket and go half-way round the country, tour around and enjoy the scenery. Getting out of this city would probably do him some good. Pho twitched when he heard a noise just up the path. His eyebrows dipped and we moved cautiously just a few feet from the path. 

His eyes shot open in horror and surprise as he saw Cira, lying unconscious on the bench. Her eyes were shut and her chest rose slowly and then fell, in a silent rhythm. He stood there, frozen, unsure if she had passed out or if she had just fallen asleep. As he turned away a flash of movement caught his eye and Pho looked back. A young man, who looked a little older than Cira, moved from the bushes and glanced around. He was grinning smugly as he walked over and sat next to her still form. The man reached out to Cira and Pho's breath caught in his throat. He released a sigh of relief when the guy only took her phone. 

The man's eyes glinted from the cell phones back light as he answered the the text. Pho moved closer standing behind the man, he could read the text. 

Cira come home, it's getting late and we can't find him anywhere. We can all look tomorrow when it's light out. He couldn't have gotten far. We're headed back to the house. 

- Ania

Pho just stared he couldn't believe that they went out looking for him, even Ania. But the strange man distracted Pho, his arm had wrapped around Cira and propped her up. 

"Such a beautiful doll shouldn't be out here all alone," he chuckled pushing a strand of hair away from her face. Cira groaned as her consciousness began to return. "Sssh, be quiet darling. You and I are gonna spend some time together before I leave to the side of the road. Pho jumped from his hiding spot and landed a heavy punch on the back of the man's head, throwing him away from Cira and off the bench. 

"What the hell?!" the man cried out and looked up, Pho placed himself between Cira and the stranger. 

"Leave my sister alone!" Pho growled taking a step forward. The man laughed and stood, he stood at least a foot and a half taller than Pho. 

"Oh and you think you're gonna stop me?" the man said raising a bemused eyebrow. "Tell me squirt, how you plan to stop me. I've trailed your darling sister all night and I'm not letting her go without a fight." Pho bared his teeth and snarled back. The man approached slowly closing the distance between the two, from his pocket, the man pulled a snub nosed .357 magnum pistol.

Pho's eyes shot open and his breath caught in his throat. His heartbeat skyrocketed  as his eyes watched the gun glint under the park lights. Swallowing hard, Pho put his hand in his pocket. The only weapon he had was a switchblade, sadly knowing the old saying: Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. He shook his head, he was going to protect Cira...she had suffered enough at his own hands. The man held the gun right at Pho. 

"Kneel!" he commanded, Pho did as he asked  but kept his hand on the blade in his pocket. Come on, just a little bit closer. A grin flashed across his face as the stranger pressed the barrel between his eyes. "Any last words, kid?" Pho smiled and in a lightning fast movement brought out the blade and slashed the man's leg. He howled and toppled backward, allowing for just a few precious seconds. 

"Pho?" he heard Cira's dazed and confused voice. 

"CIRA, RUN! CALL 911! I'LL BE FINE GO!" He shoved her off the bench and watched as his older sister took off into the park, cell phone pressed to her ear. One small victory. Returning his attention to the man, Pho moved to grab the abandoned gun.

"Not this time brat," the man wheezed angrily. One hand was clasped against the bleeding wound on his leg, the other had grabbed the pistol. His arm aimed the gun though he shook horribly. 


Pho looked down at himself, not feeling the gunshot wound until his hand pressed against his thigh and blood drenched his hand. He bit back a loud scream and limped towards the gunman, who was laughing. Pho kicked the gun away with his one good leg and took the pistol in his own hands. Both his hands locked around the gun while his body shook fiercely from the blood pouring out of his leg. 

"Hey...hey...easy don't have to do that." The man said anxiously holding up his hands, his eye shifting wildly looking for an escape.

"You shot first," Pho said darkly "I'm just returning the favor." His finger tensed around the trigger as the sound of sirens screamed in the night, flashing lights surrounded them. Police officers stood around the two, guns drawn and shouting for them to get on the ground.

The stranger instantly went to the ground and put his hands behind his back. Pho just dropped the gun, shock had started to take over his mind and body. His eyes fluttered and he collapsed against the concrete, his warm blood pooling around his leg. Just before the darkness engulfed him he heard a voice and saw a familiar face. 

"Ania..." he whispered fading into unconsciousness.  

The End

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