Cira: SearchingMature

Feeling bad about the way things had been, I decided to try and talk to Pho. 

"You're crazy." Damien shook his head at me only half-joking.

"He's my little brother." I pulled a face. "I still love him despite everything."

"Y'know, your big hear is going to get you into trouble." He snuggled into me, careful of my injuries. 

I flashed a smile, kissing him lightly on the nose before I got up. 

"I'll be right here, if anything happens, shout and I'll be there." 

I smiled and nodded. My stomach flipped nervously as I approached my brother's door. It would be the first time I'd actually sought him out since I'd come home. I knocked softly on the door.


There was dead silence inside. I knocked again, only to get silence again. Regardless, I pushed the door open before my nerve failed. 

The room was empty.

The bottom plummeted out of my stomach. Pho's window was open, a night breeze causing the curtains to flutter. On his desk, a note told me all I needed to know. 

"No, no, no, no." I muttered, falling to my knees with a sudden weight of guilt. "No!" 

"Cira!" Damien yelled, bursting in a split-second later. He blinked a couple of times then knelt beside me, one arm pulling me gently to his chest. He read the letter in my hand quickly. 

"Cira," the tone of his voice made me look up. "Tell everyone, we need to find him." 

I took a deep, shaky breath and nodded, suddenly filled with determination.  I send Ania and our parents a quick test. As soon as Ania got home, we left a note for our parents, saying where we were going to look. 

"Keep in touch guys." Damien had taken a leader-type role, filling me with more bravery than I thought possible. We all tried calling his phone with no reply. 

Ania was trying to hold back tears. As Damien left to start searching  I took her aside.

"Ania, don't blame yourself okay?" I looked her in the eyes. "Whats more important now is that we find him before anything happens to him. The rest can be sorted once he's home." 

She nodded, putting a brave smile on. I hugged her quickly before we also separated to find Pho. I took a couple of the parks and surrounding streets, calling out if I saw anyone that could be Pho. Hours went by and I collapsed onto a park bench, my injuries on fire and feeling utterly hopeless. 

The park around me was spinning slightly. I winced, putting my hand to my head where it had been smashed against the wall. I closed my eyes, feeling dizzy. 


He watched as the girl put her hand to her head as though in pain. After a few seconds, she slid sideways on the bench, unconcious. Grinning in triumph he crept forward, checking that no one was watching. He'd seen her with her fancy phone, calling out regularly. As he approached, the phone lit up urgently, a name flashing up on the screen. Grinning again, he reached for it. 

The End

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