Aina- MissingMature

I sat in the hard cinema seat with my legs pulled up against my chest, as much as I liked Daniel, the date was very awkward. We had spoken but a few times during the two hour period since meeting. Neither of us knew what to say, and to be quite frank with you, I was lapping it all up. I was fed up of the screaming and the yelling that used to await me at home.

I looked away from the kissing couple in front of us, and stared at the wall. Did Pho and I look like that? I frowned to myself, and hugged the calves tighter. It made me feel sick thinking about the things Pho and I did.

Not just the... intimate things, the laughing and the playing. How could I do all of that without knowing his true intentions? I scowled as my eyes moved back to the screen, the main protagonist's were kissing. I looked away again, glaring at the dim lights at the sides of the seat.

I felt a light buzz from my jeans pocket, Daniel and I glanced at the light that was shining through the material, 'I'll be right back.' I whispered, shimmying through the seats to get out.

I checked the text as soon as I exited the screening room.

Come home, Pho's missing.

A blunt text from Cira made my head spin, in four words, four simple words I felt like I was going to see my dinner on the carpet in front of me.

I'm so sorry, Daniel!!  I thought in my head as I sprinted from the cinema. 

What in God's name had Pho done?!?!

The End

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