Cira: Times Are ChangingMature

I watched Ania leave, worried at the change that had come over her in recent times. She'd developed a hard edge, a core of steel inside her that hadn't been there before. I noticed the chasm that had opened between her and Pho and while I was happy it was keeping her safe, I couldn't help noticing the pain in both their eyes when they saw their twin. 

Damien cuddled me close. "Things will get better." 

Apparently, Damien could read minds too. I smiled, grateful for his support. 

"You're amazing, you know that?" I looked him dead in the eyes, smiling when his gaze turned heated. "I don't know what I'd have done without you."

He smiled warmly at me, kissing me deeply before replying. 

"I wouldn't have done it for anyone else, Cira." 

The way he said my name sent shivers over my skin. His voice wrapped around it like a caress, warming me more than anything else had recently.

We were still sat together when Cira came in to show off her new look. 

"What do you think?" Her eyes sparkled with excitement as she smiled brightly at both of us. Her hair was still slightly damp from the dye as it swung round with her movements. 

"You look great Ania." I smiled at her with a slight tinge of pain. My little sister did indeed look different. 

Her eyes sparkled with the compliment, especially when Damien murmured his agreement. 

"Have fun tonight okay?" I said, getting up painfully to put my hands on her shoulders. "And give me a call if anything happens." 

She laughed "We're just going to the cinema, Cira." 

A smile broke out on my face. "Yeah and I know what guys are like!" 

Damien make an indignant sound, drawing laughter from all of us. 

"Seriously though, look after yourself Ania." 

"Yeah, I will." She smiled up at me before putting her arms round my waist to squeeze me tight. "Love you! I'll try not too be too late" 

"Yeah,  yeah, just enjoy yourself okay?" I said, hugging her back. 

She nodded, running out of my room to finish getting ready. 

"Do you think Pho knows about this?" Damien murmured.

I shook my head. "There'll be hell to pay when he does though." I shifted, wincing at the pain in my ribs. "But Ania deserves some happiness. This guy might actually do her some good." 

Damien pulled me gently against him, holding me close. "No one will ever hurt you like this again. I promise, Cira. And I'll do everything I can to protect Ania too. Even Pho." 

I turned to face him then. "You would really do that for me?" I replied softly, stunned. 

He nodded with conviction burning in his eyes. "I love you Cira. I'd do anything to see you smile." 

My heart skipped a few beats. "I love you too Damien." 

We lay down next to each other, Damien's arms around me like a protective sheild. 

"And tomorrow, I won't leave your side." 

I laughed gently. "Yeah, I'm going to need a bodyguard to fend off all the nosey-"

Damien's laugh and kiss cut me off. "You won't have to worry about a thing. I'll be right there beside you." 

We sat in a comfortable silence. My thoughts were on the coming day, on facing school and work again after getting injured. My stomach fluttered nervously at the prospect. 

"It's going to be okay." Damien murmured sleepily into my hair. 

The End

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