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I lay on my bed, nodding my head to the music I was playing. Sighing, I rolled onto my side and snatched up my diary. 

I hadn't written in it since... since the incident with Pho. I wouldn't dare. I knew Pho would read it, so he'd gain more information about me to scribble in his dumb notebook. 

I stared at it with a look of contempt on my face, I was going to burn it. I had to. It was the only way to dispose of unwanted emotions and memories. Maybe the part of my that loved my brother would die with it? Who knows, I'd have to do it later.

Because I'd done something that I know would anger Pho. I did it on purpose. I got a date.

I smirked to myself, standing up, the fast tempo of the music fulling my drive to piss Pho off. I stuffed my diary in my draw, hoping Pho wouldn't guess it was there. 

But I don't think he's been slipping into my room at night anymore, because he's been shutting himself up in his room lately. He only shows up when he needs the loo or that one time when Cira came home.

What a spiteful little bastard he is, showing up with that ridiculous smirk on his face mocking Damien and my older sibling. I really, honestly dislike him. Because hate is a strong word-- Toss it, I really hate him.

I walked out of my room, slamming the door shut behind me, leaving my music on because I had a strong feeling Pho was listening to it. I planted a evil smirk on my own face as I knocked on Cira's door.

'Did you get it?' I called through.

'Yeah, come on in.' Cira said in a flustered voice, I sauntered in, closing the door tight shut behind me.

'I don't even want to know what you two were doing.' I muttered, blushing a little. She and Damien were sat on the bed together, looking sly but awkward, 'thanks for this. It made me sick to look in the mirror.'

'You don't need to do this, honey.' Cira said softly as she hunted through her draws, looking for the two items I had requested, 'you never see him any more anyway.' 

'I don't care. I see him in my reflection. Hah, that sounded really cheesy.' I snickered, running a hand through my hair. 

She threw me two small items, which  I only just caught.

'Fake tan and blonde hair dye. . .you really are weird. Your hair is awesome. . .' Damien said, shaking his head.

'Mhmm. I know. But it looks like his and I refuse to look like. . .Pho,' it was hard for me to say his name, 'anymore.'

I nodded curtly, exiting the room. As I entered the bathroom, I noticed Pho's door was open a crack. I could have sworn I saw a glistening, angry eye through there. But when I blinked... it was gone.

The End

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