Aina- Vile WordsMature

As Damien burst through the doorway, snapping the door off one of it's hinges, I took the chance to push Pho as far away from me as possible in his moment of shock.

Pho slipped over and fell into the bathtub. Damien stepped in front of me protectively. I shuddered and cringed behind his back, trying to escape Pho's cold glare of fury. 

'You meddling little--' Pho began to snarl as he scrambled up, I hid behind Damien more, hoping that Damien was a strong as I thought he was because I knew Pho wasn't going to leave this without a fight.

'Respect your elders.' Damien snapped, scratching the back of his head, 'I can't believe you'd go as far as pushing your own sister down the stairs in a attempt to kill her!'

'No! Aina! Listen to me! It was him! He did it! Remember?! You believe me, right? Right?' Pho called out to me in a desperate attempt to pull me back to his crude, evil clutches.

'No!' I whispered, grabbing handfuls of Damien's shirt, wondering if I could hide behind his any more.

'Aina! He's trying to separate us!'

'I don't care!! As long as I'm as far away from you as possible!' I yelled, poking my head round to give him a stare full of loathing. His eyes widened and he shook his head.

'Aina. . .' His head snapped round to Damien, 'your fault! You made us like this! Ever since you came!'

'Haha. Don't try and pull that one on me again, you little git.' Damien growled angrily, I saw his hand's ball up into fists, they were shaking and I knew what was coming.

But I knew Pho. I knew how to get rid of him without violence. I touched Damien's hand and gave my head a little shake.

'Go away, Pho!' I shouted at him, he shook his head, frowning at me, 'you make me sick, you do! I can't stand looking at you! I hate you! I really really hate you! Your not even classed as my brother anymore!'

Damien looked at me in shock as the spiteful words spewed out of my mouth, 'your a disgrace! I wont even be able to look at my own face for the fear I'll see your perverted eyes! I hate you, Pho!'

I was crying as I said these words to my brother, he shook his head even more, sinking to the floor, Pho was crying too.

'No. . .Aina! You don't. . .you don't mean any of that. . .sweet Aina. . .' Pho moaned, rocking back and forth on the bathroom floor, clutching the sides of his head.

'Your fucking insane!' I spat, not caring if I swore at him, 'your a psycho!'

'No. . .I protected you. . .' Pho was now speaking to himself. As though he was trying to convince himself that this was all a dream and I'd be waiting by his side when he woke up.

I, too, sank to the floor. Sobbing into my hands, Damien patted my head awkwardly, as though two people who looked exactly alike crying at the same time made him feel uncomftorble. 

I knew it was childish to start crying after insulting someone. But I couldn't do anything else. I felt terrified that Pho would try and do something bad to be again after I screamed such vile, disgraceful words at him. . .

The End

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