Cira: Panic and ReliefMature

My mind, sluggish from the pain medication, quickly picked up speed as things began to slot into place. First things first, I called a nurse over. 

"Please, I need to speak with Doctor Young. Please, its really important!" 

"Doctor Young is busy at the moment, he'll-"

"My sister could be in danger!" I yelled, startling the nurse, who immediately began to hush me. "I know who did this, there's someone in jail who shouldn't be and my sister, my little sister is in very real danger! So, GET OFF ME AND GET THE DOCTOR!" I finished by bellowing at the top of my voice, my usual calm shattered. Of course, my parents would pick that moment to visit. 

"Cira?" My mom's shocked voice broke through to me and I went still, instantly. 

"M-Mom? Mom! I know what happened!" I spoke desperately, the words tripping over themselves in their hurry to get out. "It was Pho, there's a diary.. Mom, Dad, where's Ania? Where is she? Don't leave her alone with Pho! Go find her! She's not safe with him!" I was crying, I realised. Sobbing hard, with desperation as confused and pitying faces surrounded me. 

"You don't believe me." I whispered.


"No. No, don't talk to me in that tone! I'm not crazy. I'm not making this up. Please, listen.. It was not Damien, it was Pho who did this. He's dangerous..." I was begging them but they didn't want to hear it. There was an awkward silence as they tried to think of a way to placate me without setting me off again.

"Please. Can I at least see Damien?" I asked eventually, my voice sounding weak, even to my own ears. "Please." I could feel tears gathering again. 

The adults relaxed at a slightly more reasonable request. 

"They've let him out-there was no evidence he had laid a finger on you. Sweetheart, are you sure-?" My Dad wouldn't finish after seeing the look on my face. 

I only had to wait an hour or so. 


His voice, though hesitant, was the best thing I had heard since waking up in hospital. I smiled properly as he hovered at the end of my bed. 

"Damien!" There were happy tears in my eyes. 

He smiled then, seeing my reaction and quickly he was by my side. I pulled him close, kissing him. The feel of his lips on mine comforted and calmed me more than any medication could. When we broke away, I leaned my forehead on his, my eyes closed. 

"I know it wasn't you." I murmured. 

He looked at me properly, surprise and happiness spreading over his face. 

"You're the only one.." He said doubtfully. "Pho-"

"Pho is the one who did it." I replied, watching his face carefully. 

It darkened for a moment in anger, then confusion. "Why would he want to hurt you? I've known you since you were like, six? Even before then, you'd been sticking up for them. Ever since they were born, you were like..." He smiled then. "A guardian angel." 

I smiled, feeling my face go a little pink. "Yeah well there's a lot more to Pho than we knew." I pulled a rueful face.  "There's a lot we never knew. And we need to get people to listen. Before its too late." 

Damien looked at me, horrified. "Cira, what are you talking about?" 

"Ania is in danger.."

He shook his head. "Pho loves Ania more than anything, he wouldn't hurt her."

"That's just it.. He loves her too much." I said sadly. 

There was a silence as Damien digested this. He started to shake his head but I spoke again. 

"Find his blue notebook. Then you'll see." 

After a short silence, he finally nodded. "Okay. I believe you Cira." 

I sighed in relief. Damien kissed me on the forehead, looking worried. 

"How are you doing anyways?" 

As I rattled off the list of injuries, Damien's face steadily darkened with protective anger and shock. 

"But most of all, I'm going insane with boredom and having to stay in bed all the time." I finished with a grin.

Damien laughed then, a welcome sound to my ears. 

"You never could sit still."

The End

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