Aina- The Hearts ConfusionMature

I stood, looking at Pho with utter confusion on my face, tears on Pho's.

'I. . ..' I looked at Pho, feeling guilty. But the contempt was far to strong in my mind, in my body, to let it wash over me.

'Please. . .' Pho whispered, his eyes hosting the tears that ran non-stop down his cheeks. I wondered whether he could see at all with all that crying, his eyes had puffed up and they looked odd and glazed.

'I. . .I don't know.' I finished, scratching the back of my head, looking away. As ashamed of my rude attitude as I was, I was still far too furious to be forgiving. To be was forgiving as I always used to be, brushing off everything weird, thinking it was just imagining things.

'I protected you. .. loved you unconditionally. . .I'm the only one for you. . .' Pho said in a quiet, tormented voice, 'just. . .don't stare at me like that. . .'

'I'm not ever, never ever going to look at you again, Pho!' I snarled, shocked at my own brutal words, they slammed into Pho, one syllable at a time. He seemed to stumbled when the sentence finished.

'That didn't make sense, you used to many "ever" 's.' Pho joked feebly, giving me a weak smile. I wanted to laugh and joke like we used to, brush it off like I used to.

But it's all changed now. I didn't want it to. I wished I'd never woken up and found that damned book. It was all his fault for writing that! He ruined our quaint, easy-going lifestyle with his petty obsessions!!

'It's all your fault Pho!' I shouted at him, stomping my foot like a toddler, 'if you hadn't written that stupid book, none of this would've happened! NOTHING WOULD HAVE CHANGED!'

'. ..we can forget. . .about everything.' Pho said in a sad little voice. I felt my eyes widen in anger.

'Don't give me that shit!' I bellowed, not caring that I was using foul language, it was the only thing I could resort to without starting to cry again, 'I don't. . .I don't want to do this. . .'

'Aina..  .my sweetheart. . .' Pho whispered, shuffling forward, his hand outstretched, ready to stroke my face. I flinched away. I hate this! Give me that old, perfect life back! To whoever made Pho this way, give my brother back!

'I hate this!!!!' I shrieked, spinning around, slamming my hands on the sink basin.

Give me my old life back! Make me forget all of this!!!!

The End

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