Pho: Do You Love Me?Mature


Pho stared at Ania terrified and hurt. He had never seen such revulsion, hate, or disgust in his sister's eyes. He felt as though his heart were going to explode and tear through his chest. She was shaking her head, tears in her precious eyes. He just wanted to stand to tell her everything was gonna be alright, oh if only she had loved him back. 

"Ania-" he stared weakly,but she bolted past him, slamming the door with a resounding THUD. Pho's body collapsed back onto the worn and dirty floor. His throat was dry his eyes stung with tears, he had to get up...explain to her. Pho's eyes shut tightly. He had already tried to explain and she didn't listen! She didn't listen! Opening his eyes, his body trembled and Pho tried with what strength he had, to stand. His legs screamed to stay on the ground, his head pounded like a tribal drum. 

"Ania..." Pho's voice trailed off as his body protested movement. He stumbled, almost drunkenly, to the wall and leaned against it's cold surface. Tell her, explain to her, comfort her. His thoughts said over his physical pain, a eventually he was putting one foot in front of the other. It seemed like eternity passed before he reached his door and his hand fumbled until the door finally opened. 

"Ania, please...Sweet Ania..." he called out like a half dead animal. His eyes were blurry with tears and his muscles burning with fatigue. Sleep constantly nipped at his heels while Pho made his way to the bathroom. He constantly had to lean upon the walls to keep himself standing, to an outsider he may have looked like a zombie. Suddenly his foot caught on the hallway carpet and he tripped, falling through the bathroom door. His body splayed out onto the floor and his lungs heaved in heavy coughs. 

Ania turned around pure terror on her face, her eyes red with tears. There was a distinct smell of vomit in the air as she watched him, inching away. 

"Ania, I...I need to explain. You owe me that...that much." Ania glared at him, her eyes burning with an unending fire. 

"OWE YOU?!" she shouted at him. Her foot stamping down on the floor as she shook her head. "I owe you nothing! PHO! You owe me, for every time you kissed me, ran your eyes over me, and thoughts disgusting thoughts! You owe me!"

"Ania," he pleaded standing and leaning on the wall behind him, life flowing back into his body very slowly. "Ania, please listen. You remember all those years back, we were only about 6 years old and that boy pushed you on the playground. He called you a freak cause we looked the same, he called you ugly, and all those hurtful things." Pho's eyes darkened at the memory of the boy. "I vowed that day to show you the love no one would give you and protect you from all the hurtful things of the world." Pho left the stability of the wall and took a few steps toward his sister who cringed.  "I promised Ania, I would love you and I always have! I have always protected you! And yet you look upon me as if I were a demon...a demon in the form of your brother. Do you think this is a dream? That if you wish hard enough or pinch yourself that you'll wake up?"

Pho shook his head, She's not listening, she'll never listen. His eyes starred at her pleading for her just to walk over and hug him, say that she forgave him and that they could go back to how it was before. 

"Do you love me Ania, or has it all been a lie? Tell me you felt something when we were together? Ania, Please!" Hot tears poured from his cheeks as he stood in the middle of the bathroom. 

The End

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