Aina; The Sinful BoyMature

'Pho! Pho!' I shouted, grabbing his shoulders as he slumped to the floor, 'Pho! Wake up! Dammit, Pho! Stop messing around!!' I shook him violently, angry, furious.  . . 

After all of this, after all of the things that he had just told me. . .all of the truth. So everything up until now had been lies? All the times he talked to me, the only thing that spilled from that vile mouth were lies!?

I pushed my brother away, wiping away the angry tears that flooded over my face. How could I have been so stupid? Why didn't I notice all the little things? Why was I so damn forgiving?!

I looked at Pho, wishing hard that he'd just wake up, laughing at me telling me it was all a joke.

No. I knew this was all the truth.

'Pho. . .you bastard. . .' I sobbed, clutching handfuls of his rugby tee, staining it with my tears, 'you said. . .al those times. . ..'

I wept into my once-innocent brothers shirt, screaming and begging him to return to the way he was. Ten minutes into my shrill shrieks, he stirred, mumbling some things I wouldn't understand. He tugged on my vest, looking at me in the eyes.

As I looked at my brother, tears welled up in his pretty eyes. Pure and honest anguish filled every pore of his face, as though he were truly sorry for what he'd done. His eyes bore into my very soul, pleading with me to forgive his sins.

Pho took my hand and squeezed it, giving a little smile. I sighed and flopped down onto his stomach, and I started crying all over again, he patted my head. I was too involved in my weeping to wince away from his dirty, disgusting hand.

'Aina. . .sweet Aina . . .' Pho whispered, stroking my hair, I sat bolt upright, edging away from him. He lay there, too tired to move; watching my everymove.

Why hadn't I seen this before? His eyes trailing my body where ever it went, studying my every move, working out every single little thing that went through my head. I felt sick. He really was awful.

I put a hand to my mouth, wondering whether I was going to vomit.

Most people wouldn't react like I had, throwing my whole body out of his touching distance. I was moving away from him, even now.

He looked at me with terrified, sad eyes. I've never, in my whole life seen Pho show such an expression. I didn't want to hurt Pho. But if I didn't, I wonder what he'd do to me, like all those times before.

I felt my tears return once again. I really did feel sick looking at him, seeing my face, my eyes, my hair, my features. . . I felt disgusted looking at my mirror image.

I could have been as twisted as Pho, all those times I kissed him, hugged him. . .what sort of thoughts were going through his head.

Unable to take these thoughts anymore, I bolted from the room, slamming the door shut behind me. No! No! NO! I wouldn't look at that sinful boy anymore. 

I shivered and dashed into the bathroom as I felt the bile rise up in my throat.


The End

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