Pho: No light in the DarkMature

Pho sat on the edge of his bed, his legs tucked tightly to his chest and his arms wrapped around them. He felt almost like Ania, curled up in a ball like that. Cira was supposed to be dead!...or at least a brain dead. He sighed and shut his eyes playing the whole memory over and over.

Checking every detail, every sound, every action; she was dying! At least half of the plan worked, Cira and our Parents are in the hospital and Damien is in Jail...that leaves me and Ania. Pho winced at his twins name. She had become alot colder to him since Cira's...accident. It bothered him to no end, causing Pho to pace in his room until the spot where he'd been walking was worn. He paced like that for two days, never stopping except to go to the bathroom. He didn't even stop to take care of himself or sleep. 

His eyes were blood shot and his stomach growled for food and his tongue felt like sand paper. Why was she being so cold...he hadn't hurt her. 

"Pho?" Ania's voice sounded at his door, this time unlike all the times in his life he didn't look up and kept pacing. Ania took a tentative step into his room, watching him with an unreadable mask upon her face. Pho only tossed her a glance, acknowledging her presence. "Pho!" she said sternly. He paused but kept his gaze on the floor. She didn't know how much it was hurting him not to look. He wanted to run to her, sweep her off her feet and kiss her. Telling her everything was going to be fine, that they'd be fine. 

Without warning, Ania's firm grip clamped onto his shoulders causing him to flinch. She had never been so strong, so forceful, it was unnerving. His eyes met hers, she had a look of waring emotions behind her eyes, though her face betrayed none. Ania sighed and took Pho with her to his bed, she sat and he sat next to her. There was a long period of silence. The only noises coming from the street outside, birds in the trees, the occasional creek from their house. 

"Pho," she sighed and he narrowed his eyes on the floor "What happened, between you and Cira, after she put me to bed. And I want the truth!" He could feel her trebling, whether it was fear or hate, he couldn't tell. Pho swallowed hard, collecting his thoughts.

"Cira came to me, she was angry...distraught. Howling about Damien usin-"

"NO PHO!" She shouted at him, for the first time in his life. Pho cringed and moved away from his sister. This isn't Ania...what happened to his sweet Ania? "I know about your Diary Pho, Cira went to ask you about it. What happened after that?" Pho's eyes were wide, his expression of shock and pain, he trembled moving off the bed and walking a few steps. All his thoughts, secrets, desires, she knew every one! Pho's attention snapped back to his sister, he finally understood.

She knew everything and it disgusted her, made her despise him, hate him. She didn't love him not like he loved her. All the darkness, anger, pain seethed beneath his skin though his face stayed still.  Pho chuckled darkly tossing a sinister grin to his sister, and watched as she trembled ever so slightly. He was now back in command. 

"You want to know? Fine I'll tell you, every little detail, but first Ania, tell me what you read in my diary?" Her eyes darted away, guilt flushing her cheeks. "No? You won't tell me...fine I'll tell you what it said. It said that I loved my twin, my sister, unconditionally. That a moment without you feels as thought I'm dying and I can't stand it. It says that I wish for us to never be parted, so that I can always protect and love you, Ania." He paused, turning away from her. His demons were getting the better of him now...there was no light left if Ania couldn't love him back. 

"Hmmm, let's see. Cira ran into your room and found me there, awake. I was wondering where you had gone, leaving me." He shook his head. "I pinned her to the wall and fought with her, she shouldn't have taken you away from me, no, naughty Cira. She said that she had my diary, that both you and she read it. I was hurt, as thought someone had stabbed me in the heart and I couldn't pull out the knife. She was on the edge of the stairs and the funny thing was," Pho chuckled.

"Her ridiculous boyfriend was sitting just down the stairs and he heard nothing. Back to my tale. Cira decided to take a plunge down the stairs and I really had no chance to stop it. I got to the bottom and found her bleeding and unconscious. So like a good little brother I got her an ambulance and Damien watched over her. Then I thought of you, I had to protect you from Cira's lies, so I crept back into her room and slept next to you. I didn't want anyone to hurt you Ania; not Cira, not Daniel Green, not Damien, not Mom or Dad."

Pho kept his eyes on his doorway, feeling the knife and his diary in his pocket. He wanted to run away, right there. Never look back, find some whole in the streets and have some sad life there. But his body stayed glued to the spot, he'd never be able to leave Ania, never. Tears poured down his face, a shiver ran up his spine. Turning to his sister he gave a soft yet weak smile. 

"I love you Ania, I always have and always will," his expression fell into a pained wince. "Though I suspect you never have. You never shared my feelings, my desires even if I was your brother and twin. Oh Ania...I wish we could...I..." Pho's eyes clouded over and he collapsed to the floor, unconscious. 

The End

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