Cira: HospitalMature

Shouting. People shouting your name. Someone crying. No, more than one person. Several. People you know, people you love. A regular, rhythmic bleeping. Like you hear on TV . On the hospital shows. Exactly the same. Funny that. 

Thoughts are muddled, floaty. Normally that would bother you. Things are cocooned in bubbles. You're standing in a field of bubbles. There's a wall between you and everything else. Invisible. You're in a bubble.

There's something that needed doing. Something happened.  Someone needs you. Then something happened. Pain.  Sister. Little sister needs you. Aina. Aina needs you. Aina needs protecting from- 

Someone else is calling your name though. They're crying. Why? Why are they crying? Don't cry. Its okay. There's no pain here. There's no need to cry. Please stop. Its a male, calling your name. A deep happiness penetrates you. Damien. Damien, don't cry. I don't like it when you're sad. Smile for me? You have a beautiful smile.

You try telling them that and realise your eyes are closed. You try opening your eyes and find them impossibly heavy. You try just talking and your mouth won't respond. Odd. Now that floaty feeling doesn't feel so good. More threatening. The beeping accelerates. Open your eyes. Just open your eyes. 

"Damien?" My voice was a croaky sigh as I opened my eyes to blinding white. Immediately I closed them, flinching away. Groaning, I opened them again, with great effort. 

"Damien?" My voice was stronger this time. 

"C-Cira?" The crying stopped, it was Damien. "Cira?! She's awake! Hey! She's awake!" He bent over me, cradling my face. "Cira, I'm here. I'm here.."

"Damien, what happened? Last thing I remember.. Aina coming in then.." I trailed off, struggling around the hole in my memory. 

A group of nurses swamped my bed then, checking my vitals, asking about my pain. 

"Damien?" I tried to look round the nurses and doctors but they pushed me down. 

"Damien Hunter?" A stern policeman had appeared as though from nowhere. 

"Y-yeah?" he looked up, bewildered as I was. 

"You're going to have to come with me."

"Damien!" I screamed but the nurses put another needle in my arm. the last I saw was Damien being dragged away. Then the floating blackness claimed me again. 

When I woke up again, Damien had been replaced by my parents. 

"Where's Damien?" I asked instantly. 

"Don't worry, he won't hurt you again." My mom replied soothingly. "They've arrested him."

"What?! No! No!" I cried, trying to get up. A nurse, summoned by my shouts, appeared again, pushing me down. 

"He didn't do this, he didn't" I sobbed desperately. "Please, Mom, Dad, please. He didn't. Please, I want him here." 

They shook their heads. "Honey, thats just not possible." My Dad replied this time. 

"No!" I turned away.

"Cira, the twins want to see you.." My mom always knew. 

"Okay." I whispered, just loud enough for them to hear. "But Damien.. I want to see him." 

"Cira!" Aina's voice broke through the silence before my parents could answer.

"Aina." I smiled. "Hey little one, how are you holding up?"

"I miss you, Cira. When are you coming home?" 

"Soon, I promise." I smiled at her, feeling better that she was here and seemed okay.

"Pho?" Aina looked back, her brother hanging by the end of the bed.

I smiled uncertainly at him. A dark look crossed his face before he smiled. "Glad you're okay Cira." He said finally, in a very quiet tone. 

Something seemed wrong.. but I couldn't put my finger on it. Something about Pho.. 

"Okay, she needs rest now." A doctor bustled over, ushering my family away. "Provided she carries on making this kind of progress, she should be home in a couple of days." 

"See you tomorrow." I smiled, mainly at Aina. She beamed back, while Pho glowered, unseen by anyone but me. A vine of fear wound its way through my stomach at that. 

Once they had gone, I turned to my doctor. 

"So whats the damage?" I joked. 

He greeted me with a very serious look. "Two broken ribs, three cracked, cracked cheekbone, dislocated shoulder. And a serious head injury. You've been in a medically induced coma for two days." 

As he listed my injuries, I slowly became aware of the pain, hovering just out of reach, held in check by the drips in my arm. I was quiet for a while. 

"We also found what appears to be a deliberate injury to your wrist, Cira." He said, compassion and intelligent questioning in his eyes. 

"What?" Sure enough, a bandage covered one wrist. "I don't know how that happened.." I trailed off, confused. 

He nodded, making a note on his clipboard. "Well, considering the injury you sustained, some memory loss surrounding the incident will be expected. You'll be able to remember some more tomorrow, some bits may never come back."

"Okay." My voice came out small. I remembered the twins were involved...somehow. 

"Well," He smiled. "I'm Doctor Young. If you need anything, or remember what happened, call one of the nurses and they'll call me if needed. Try to rest." He was kindly, young and to the point. 

"When can I see Damien?"

He pretended not to hear that as he left me again. After a while I slipped into a troubled sleep.

A blue notebook. Aina. Its all about Aina. But the book isn't hers..

My sweet Aina, I will make her mine. She will be mine, forever. 

"Pho.." I whispered as I woke in a cold sweat, shaking. I remembered now. 

The End

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