Aina; ScareMature


'ghummm, not now. . .' I mumbled, turning over, finding myself on the floor about three seconds later.

'We need to go the hospital! Cira.. . it's Cira. . .' Mum sobbed, tugging on my hand.

I snapped to action, looking up in my mothers red, tear ridden face in fear. Cira? What. . .no. . .Cira. . .she probably just broke her arm. . .right? I mean.. . 

'Aina, he need to go. It was Damien's fault.' Pho's cold voice came from the doorway, his face set in a unreadable mask. If Pho was wearing an expression like that. . .oh god. . .no way. . .

'That boy. . .the one she fancied?' I gulped, grabbing my sisters ragged trainers and shoving them on.

'He pushed her.'

I gasped and felt the tears well up my eyes. This wasn't real. I would wake up. . .no. I knew it was real.

'Dear, I don't think Aina should see her.' My dad whispered in mum's ear, in the vain hope that I wouldn't hear. She looked at him before nodding. Pho stepped into Cira's room, looking around with a expression of disgust on his face. I wondered why he seemed so chilly, I shivered and concern washed over his face. He jumped to my side, pulling a blanket over my shoulders. I nodded in thanks.

'Aina, go back to bed, you can go see Cira tomorrow.' Dad said in a strained voice, he was holding back tears. Because he knew we'd worry if he cried. Because fathers never cry.

I nodded again, not trusting my voice. Knowing, just knowing, that if I uttered a word, all that would escape my lips would be sobs.

Pho looked at me, but I couldn't look him in the eye. Not right now, because I'd worry him if I started weeping at his feet. 

'I know this is a very bad time to do this, but do you mind if we go see her?' Mum hiccuped, I nodded again. I could feel the placid, empty expression fill up every pore in my face.

'I'm sorry. . .I'm sorry. . .we'll be back soon. . ' Dad said quietly, his voice breaking up as he rushed out of the room, our mother trailing him.

'I'm going for a bath.' I said in a tight whisper, striding out of the room. I slammed the door behind me. Tonight I couldn't feel about Pho's feelings on me walking out on him. Tonight, tonight I needed to fret over my sister. I didn't even know what'd happened to her.

I filled the tub up to the top with boiling hot, relaxing water. As I slipped out of my pyjama's, and underwear, Pho stepped in through the door. I felt his eyes rake over my body and I shivered.

'Pho, go away please.' I said in a quiet, suppressed voice. I stepped into the bathtub, not caring if Pho saw me naked.

I didn't care tonight.  I had never, ever been cold towards Pho before and it felt funny to ignore his presence. What had happened to Cira? Why was she in hospital?

'Pho, what happened to Cira?' I said through clenched teeth.

'She got pushed down the stairs by Damien.' He said in a tone that made me think he didn't want to tell me anything about it.

I sank into the water as the tears being to flow down my cheeks. I didn't care if Pho saw this ugly crying face of mine. Heck, I didn't care if Daniel Green saw it.

'Aian! Don't do that!' He yelped as I blew bubbles under the water, making it look as though I was drowning, but I was fine. I looked at him, right into his bright green eyes and felt myself cry harder.

'Cira. . .Cira. . .' I wept, Pho's expression went dark and he took me by the shoulders and pulled me into his embrace, 'don't. . .you'll get wet. . .' 

'I'm fine.'

'Pho. . .' I sobbed. I saw his expression soften out of the corner of my blurry eye, as though he was glad I was calling his name.

'Is Cira making you cry?' He asked, stroking my hair.

'No. . .I'm just worried.  ..' I sniffed, I wanted to pull away, suddenly becoming aware of my nudity.

'I'll make it so you don't have to worry anymore.' He whispered into my ear, his breath tickling it.

That made me weep. I didn't want to let Pho go in the end. Being held by him was the biggest comfort there could be. . .


The End

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