Pho: Twisted RealityMature

Cira lay at the bottom of the stairwell, her head bleeding. Pho starred at her a mix of anger, frustraition, and joy on his face. You! Trying to take her away from me! I've worked years, YEARS, to show Ania how I truly feel and you show her my diary! He put a heavy foot on the first step and started down slowly, like a predator creeping in on it's prey. His hand went instantly to his pocket and withdrew the knife, Cira was going to pay!

At the bottom, next to his unconscious sister, Pho snarled. It was gutteral and sounded inhuman. A sharp kick smashed into Cira's ribs and he heard a satisfying crack. Kneeling next to his sister, Pho put a shallow cut on her wrist. Just enough to bleed and match his cover story. Cira attempeted suicide, after all, the pain and grief of loosing Damien had been too much for her. He chuckled at the idea.

"Cira? Cira, you alright?" Pho's head snapped towards the voice, he hadn't expected guests.

"Damn you Cira," he hissed under his breath, putting the knife in his pocket. Then summing up all the emotion he could, he burst into tears. Not real ones but enough to put on a show for her disgusting boyfriend.

"Damien, Damien!" he shouted out in mock terror and fear. Inside his head Pho couldn't stop laughing, he was good enough to be an actor. Thundering footsteps brought the older figure into the light. His eyes shot open and his jaw dropped, Pho craddled his older sister though she was battered and bloodied.

"What happened?" Damien practically screamed rushing to her side. Pho's lower lip trembled and more fake tears poured down his face.

"It doesn't matter! Get an ambulance God Damnit!" Pho roared at him. Damein back away, still in shock, and pelted for the phone in the kitchen. Pho stranded his ears and a small smirk twitched on his lips.

"911, yes, my girlfirend she fell from the stairs...she's bleeding. Oh god, Cira, her wrist was cut...ummmm.....just hurry!" His voice was squeaky and hurried, his breaths weezy and sharp. Then the phone clicked back into the rocker and he was back to Cira's side. Taking her form in his arms he rocked her back and forth.

"Why, why, what happened Cira?" he sobbed into her shoulder. Pho stood, blood dripping down his face and tee-shirt.

"You did this," Pho said in a quiet, hurt whisper. Damein gasped and shook his head furiously.

"No, no, she was fine just a minute ago!" he shouted to no one in particular.

"You couldn't keep her safe, couldn't take care of her. Now look at her. If she's all your fault." Pho's tone grew dark and icy, his eyes placing the heavy blame on Damien's shoulders as he howled and sobbed. Watching the scene made Pho fidget and tingle with glee, Cira and Damien out of the picture, the hurtful friends at school, and Mom and Dad. They cared more about Cira than they ever had about him or Ania. That's why he had to take care of her, love her, cause no one else understood her.

He silently retrated up the stairs and into Cira's room. His thick tiny, dog-eared diary lay on the floor. It's ruffled pages turned to a memory only months ago. It was when they were at the lake together, watching as the sun dipped below the waves. His eyes lingered on their conversation.

"We're gonna be together forever, right Pho?" he remembered her as softly.

"Yes, sweet Ania. You and me, together forever."

Tears burned in his eyes as he picked up the book and gazed on Ania. She was so peaceful, sleeping silently, not knowing all that he had just done for her. He wiped away his tears and got up on Cira's bed, next to Ania. She was so warm and smelled of flower, it made him shuddered and a small whine escaped him. Why was everbody so determined to separate them?! They loved each other! What was so wrong with that?! Kissing her neck, gently, his battered and bloodied body curled around hers. His arms holding her tightly, protecting her from any one or anyting.

"Ania, oh Ania," he said, whispering into her ear "I love you so much!"

The End

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