Aina; DiaryMature

I opened my eyes, slowly, expecting light to be pouring through my blinds, but it was still dark. I looked over my shoulder at Pho, he was fast asleep with a rather murderous expression plastered on his face.

I shrugged, taking advantage of his loose, sleepy grip on my waist, I slipped out of the bed and noticed there was still a light on in Pho's room.

I approached it, curious about what was going on. The door gave a small creak as I pushed it, mum and dad were still out, I don't know what happened to Cira after she and Pho had that misunderstanding. 

I tip toed inside, my mind making up wild, imaginative monsters and criminals that were going to jump out at me and kill me, I shook my head. Even at my age, I was still making up childish stories.

The light on Pho's desk was on. I chuckled, how silly as was being, my heart was pumping as well. Before I switched it off, I spied a small, blue, battered notebook on his desk, it lay open on today’s date.

A diary. So Pho kept one took. I reached out, then hesitated. I couldn't read it! It wasn't mine. Pho would get mad if I pried. But it was just. ..just there. I felt as though it was screaming at me to snatch it up and read it. Frowning at my childish desires, I sighed and picked it up; sitting down on his bed.

I flicked through it, my heart beat quickened as I read the paragraphs, and studied his drawings and photo's. What was this? All these secrets packed into one small book, it was so full, more pages had been stapled in, making it impossible to close it properly. After fiddling with the cover and back, I returned to the pages filled with his desires, loves and . ..and. . .

It me.

It was all about me.

Every single sentence. I don't even think it was a diary. More like a record book, stating every single thing I've ever said, done, liked or hated. My fingers shook.

On each page, a picture lay. A picture of me. I felt a shiver run up my spine. I didn't know Pho liked me this much. So much it was sort of creepy.

My mind snapped back into order. No way. Even if he was doing this in a perverted manner, then it would be because. . .huhmmm. . .well. He wasn't. That would just be too strange. He was doing this because he wanted to show me growing up, like a photo album of a babies first few years. . .only much, much, much more detailed.

I took a deep breath and flipped it to the page it was on and placed it back on the desk, I left the light on. If I had left it on, he would've known it was me. Because I always turn lights off. As I sauntered towards the door, I eyed up the diary. Should I take it with me?

If I do, then I can see Pho's reaction thinking he's lost it. I bit my lip, having a massive inner debate on the matter. Eventually my mind came to it's decision.

I exited the room, and headed towards Cira's; the diary hidden under my vest. She'd know what to do.

The End

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