Pho: Trump CardMature

They both said it at the same time, 'I'm sorry'. Pho chuckled and his sister copied. She was still curled up though and Pho blushed, he had invisioned a moment like this between them...but. His heart throbbed and a flare of anquish clamped down. Ania, his sweet, innocnet Ania...he made her cry. A wince crossed his face as he stood and grabbed his sister a towel.

Ania softly blushed as he began to towel her hair off. He loved it when she let him baby her, treat her like the princess she was. He began humming to her softly, a tune that he had always sang to her since they were little.

"Stand up," Pho said, more out of habit than anything else. Ania gave him a look, questioning him. Pho cocked his head in mock confusion. Reluctanly she stood and he wrapped the towel around her. She was always so modest. Pho smiled at that thought, she was so kind, simple, innocent. He listened to the water trickle and it brough up thoughts, things he didn't want to think about. Did she truly fell uncomfortable? Did she have doubts or fears about, she couldn't. He loved her and she loved him.

"Pho?" Ania's bell like voice called him from the recesses of his mind. "You ok?" she asked, concerned. Pho stared at her, blinking before his expression softened.

"Yea, yea I'm fine." He kissed her on the forehead and took her hand. Just as the two stepped out into the hallway, Pho heard a gasp. It was a sharp intake of air, tinted by horror and shock. There standing at the end of the hallway was Cira, the one who Pho despised the most out of their entire family. She had always been trying to get between him and Ania, taking her places, talking about boys at school, corrupting her mind. Pho let out a growl and pulled Ania closer.

"What are you doing home so early?" he asked suspiously, glaring at her with contempt. She was going to wreck the whole night! Cira just watched him, her eyes wide as half dollars.

"I got a text from Ania..." her voice trailed off as if trying to hide what else she wanted to say, and lessen the fact it came from his twin. Pho's face fell into a clever grin.

"Really," he purred, keeping Ania at his side. He could feel his twin squirm a bit under his older sister's gaze. "Tell me than Cira...What did the message say?" His voice was commanding and toying. He knew what she was going to say and he had his trump card waiting.

"She...uh...she said that you were acting funny that's all," Ciras personality bent under Pho's watchful eyes. Pho raised a brow but kept a smile on his face.

"I was acting...funny?" he asked, immitating her evasive tone. "Well?" he demanded. "Ask Ania yourself, she just got scared a bit." His powerful eyes looked to his twin and his smile spread. Ania gave him a weak smile back and nodded to their older sister.

"He just scared me Cira...nothing more." Cira looked at her eyes pleading Ania to say something more but Pho knew Ania loved him, she'd forgiven him.

"There Cira, all better. Now Ania why don't you go to your room and get dressed. We have to get ready for bed." His hand squeezed hers and his lips quickly kissed her cheeks. With Ania gone, Pho moved close to his older sister and leered in her face.

"Why did you come out of the bathroom with her?! What did you do?" Cira hissed so that Ania wouldn't hear us.

"She asked me to scrub her back and I did, like a good brother would! Now Cira you hardly have room to question me when your snogging that Dan kid from school. I know. I watch how you both stare at each other...the way he stares at you. Did you know that I heard him talking abou you once?" Cira stared at Pho studying his knowlegable gaze, it betrayed no hints he was lying.

"What did you hear?" she asked both angry and desprate. Pho smirked he had her in his trap.

"I heard he's just playing goody boy to you, being nice so that he can get you in his car and-" Cira made a noise and tears flooded to her eyes. She shook her head but Pho just nodded back. "I was going to tell you," he said faking sympathy "but you just had to prey on me and Ania. Pushing your own insecurities on us? Shame Shame Cira." Pho hugged Cira tighly and felt her trembled with sobs. Drawing away from her he patted her shoulder and turned, walking toward Ania's room.

"Nighty Night, Cira." Pho called, stiffling a laugh when he heard his older sister collapse wher she stood.

The End

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