Cira: DamienMature

Another usual day passed at school, with Damien an almost constant presence at my side. I didn't mind, enjoying the quieter company in comparison to the group of jokers I usually hung around with.

As per usual, we walked to the bar together. John gave Damien a significant look as we walked past. When I asked, he laughed it off, but something in his eyes told me something was up.

The bar was quieter than usual and I was working double shift, but I managed to spend more time with Damien than normal so I didn't notice the time passing. During my break, I grabbed a couple of drinks and we went outside. Night had fallen, clear and bright tonight. I leaned my head on Damien's shoulder happily. He hummed in response, putting his arm around my shoulders. We flashed each other a cheeky grin. 

"Y'know, if anyone walked in on us now, they'd get totally the wrong idea." I said playfully, looking up at him through my lashes. 

He rewarded me with a crooked, heated smile. "And what idea would that be?"

"Well... we look like a couple." I kept my tone light but my heart started thudding in my throat painfully fast. Our faces were almost touching, his arm now around my waist. 

"Who said that had to be the wrong idea?" He murmured a moment before his lips brushed against mine. I smiled before returning his kiss. 

A couple of minutes later, John walked in. Damien and I sprang apart like guilty thirteen-year-olds and were treated to a chuckle. 

"Sorry but Cira, you're needed out front." He grinned. "Hate to break you love birds up an' all but bars don't run themselves."

I blushed. "Thanks John." I shot a sideways look at Damien, who also had a slightly pink tint to his cheeks.

"No worries," He winked. "You two are cute, especially when you both blush."

Of course, we both went several shades of red deeper at that. Laughing, John ushered us through to the bar. He continued to tease us down the corridor, earning playful elbows and glares from both of us. 

"Seriously though, you took your time!" He grinned at us, then a slightly more serious look crossed his face. He fixed Damien in his sights. "Break her heart and I'll break you, got it?" 

"John!" I faced him, shocked. "Damien is one of the good guys!" 

He laughed, "Yeah, I said worse to the others."

I glared at him, steering Damien to the bar. "Ignore him." I planted a kiss on his cheek before going back to work. Glancing back, I noticed him staring after me, slightly pink. I smiled at him, earning one in return. For the rest of the night, we exchanged looks and the odd word, earning us a lot of teasing from the rest of the bar staff. 

"So he asked you then?" Anna, another bar maid, asked. 

"Huh?" I spun round, thrown by her question.

"Damien silly! He's been dying to ask you out for ages." She smiled broadly, "I'm so pleased, you two make a lovely couple."

I smiled my thanks at her, but my head was somewhere else. Damien hadn't technically asked me out so were we actually a couple? 

My shift ended not long after that. Unlike previously, Damien had sat in the bar the entire time. He took my hand as we left, leading to a chorus of wolf-whistles, lead by John. Once out of sight, Damien pulled me just into a darkened alley, kissing me properly. He broke away, grinning and slightly breathless, with my hands tangled in his hair. 

"I wanted to do that all night." He grinned. 

I smiled back, slightly uncertain. He picked up on my mood and frowned. 

"Hey, what's the matter?" He took my chin gently, tilting it so I was looking into his eyes. Their usual brilliant emerald was darkened in confusion. 

"Well.. Anna said you'd been thinking about asking me out.." I trailed off, my confidence taking a dive as I looked away shyly. 

"And you were wondering if this was for real?" He finished in a gentle tone. 

I nodded, not trusting my voice. 

There was a moment's silence. 

"Look, Damien I-" Whatever I was going to say was cut off as he kissed me again. I relaxed into him, my arms going around his neck as our lips moved together confidently. 

"Does that answer your question?" He murmured in my ear before hugging me tightly, lifting me off my feet as I hummed happily. At that moment in time, all I could think about was the sensations of the moment. The twins, work, school and everything else had been knocked clean out of my mind. 

That was, until my phone buzzed in my jeans. 

"It's Aina." I said, reflexively checking the screen. Frowning, I flipped my phone open. 

Cira, when are you coming home? Pho is being strange.. 

I looked up at Damien, alarmed. "I need to get home." 

The End

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