Aina; ForgivenMature


'Are you sure you two will be okay?' Mum asked nervously, she and dad were going out to a concert tonight and my mother was stressing out big time.

'Mum, we'll be fine. I'll Protect Pho.' I laughed jokingly, '. . .but can you put some chicken nuggets in the oven, please?' I added, giving her puppy eyes.

'Fine. But. . .I don't. . .because Cira is out too. . .I--'

'We'll we fine! You've been wanting to go to this thing for, like, six months.' Pho smiled, stepping into the kitchen as Mum shoved a tray full of nuggets into the cooker.

'We'll call you!' Dad said in a final tone, putting his arm around our mothers waist, leading her outside before she could protest any more.

'Jesus, she really doesn't trust us, does she?' I sighed, running a hand through my hair whilst I set the timer, 'you still like chicken nuggets, right?'

'If you like them, I like them.' Pho shrugged as we walked into the lounge.

'Pick a film, any film.' I quoted, walking up to the shelf above the TV.

'Something funny.' He said, imitating my voice from earlier this week.

'. . .hmmm. . .' I hummed, running a finger along the long line of DVD's, 'Shaun of the Dead? Hot Fuzz? ummm.--'

'Shaun of the Dead.' He smiled, 'I know you love that one.'

'You remember everything, don't you?' I laughed, closing the curtains and door.

I had just finished setting up the television for the film when Pho dragged me back onto the sofa, I looked at him in surprise, he's never gripped my wrist that hard before, nor has he ever pushed me down underneath him.

As the loud film started, I looked at Pho with confusion. What was with his sudden change in attitude? Why was he being so forceful? 

'Pho? Stop it. Your scaring me.' I giggled shakily, he eyes bore into my own in a weird way, and I knew what was coming.

But this time it was different, he had pinned my arms up above my head with one of his own, very strong hands, whilst his other looped my waist.

'Mph. . . Stop. . .' I mumbled as he kissed me.

'I love you Aina!' He declared as he moved down to my jugular.

'No. . .stop it,Pho. . .your being. . .weird. . ' I huffed as he kissed me in a very un-Pho-like way. I didn't like it, he wasn't being gentle like he usually was, I couldn't do anything with my arm's pinned, my legs were also trapped between his own. And before I knew it, I was crying. I didn't like it! I didn't like it! Why was he being like this?!

'Aina. . .what.  .! Oh! No! Aina! Don't cry! Aina! Dearest Aina!' He gasped, letting go of my arms to pull me into one of his normal Pho-hugs. But I didn't like it today. . .I pushed him away with shaky arms and shuffled back on the couch. He looked at me with a hurt expression, then it turned sad when he saw my tears, he tried to reach for me, but I flinched away; scared.

'Uhumm. . .I'm going to go have a bath.. . .' I mumbled, wiping sweat from my forehead.

'Do you want me to come too?' He asked quietly.

'Ah! No, I- I'm fine thanks.' I whispered, exiting the room pronto. 

I didn't get it, why was he being so scary? Was he angry at me? Was he punishing me for something I'd done? I shook my head, maybe he was feeling out of sorts. Yeah, that's it. He was just in one of his funny moods that he often dipped in and out of. . .that was it.

Chuckling to myself as I ran my bath, pulling off my pyjama’s which I'd changed into earlier.. I sat in the scalding hot water, feeling a huge wave of guilt wash over me. I'd really hurt Pho's feelings. That expression on his face said it all, he wasn't angry at me. He was upset. I sighed, using a flannel to wipe my sweaty face.

'Pho?' I called out, keeping my fingers crossed, hoping he'd answer. 

'Yeah.' A quiet voice mumbled through the crack in the door, a distraught voice, a voice laced with sadness. 

'Umm. . .can you please come and wash my back?' I asked in a awkward voice.

'Are you  sure you want me to?' He muttered, opening the door a little more. I pulled my knee's up to my chest(I do have some modesty, y'know.) and nodded my head.

He walked in slowly, rolling up his sleeves, grabbing a sponge from the shower as he went past it. I gave him a little smile as he crouched down next to the bathtub. He searched my face for any sign of my being uncomfortable. 

Once he'd been reassured that I was fine, he beamed at me.

'I'm sorry!' We both burst out at the same time, breaking down into laughs. See? Pho  wasn't being serious. He was just in one of his funny moods. Just like I said.

The End

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