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"Aina?" Pho asked, worry and fear filling his voice. Though he knew most of it was for show, to hide the anger burning beneath his skin. He had heard everything, seen everything...he always did. "Are you okay? You look... .a little red." He continued the facade for his sister. Pho watched as her face contorted a bit. 

"I'm fine." She then said to him, calmly. Pho cocked his head and stared at his sister. He knew it! Saul's sleezy advances had drove her back to him. He felt a bit angered that she hadn't told him...maybe she was just embarrassed. Pho was just glad she didn't like Saul back. "Come here, Ania." he cooed to her softly. His arms wrapped around his sister and kept her tight to his chest. Closing his eyes, he spoke into her ear. 

"Did Saul make you feel that uncomfortable?" He felt Ania shiver slightly at the mention of the other boys name before she whispered 'yes.' A white hot anger burned through his veins and roared in his heart. He had tried to take her out, just to get her mind off things and now this happens! Pho pulled away from their embrace only a little and kissed his sister, on the cheek so that he wouldn't embarrass her here. She'd had enough of that for the night. "Ania, go wait outside the theater. I'll take you back home." His lips curled into a soft smile. "We'll have a movie night of our own, just you and me."

A small sparkle shone in his sisters eyes and that made Pho all the more courageous for what he was about to do.  With one last hug, his eyes trailed longingly after his sister as she left. We'll have our own special time...after I give Saul a piece of my mind. Pho's eyes glinted dangerously and a sister grin donned his face. He walked in the darkness, listening to the roaring car engines and squealing tires from the movie. "Saul," Pho said faking all hints of kindness. Saul looked up a bit confused. 

"Where's your sister...she ran out on me." Pho's fingers curled and his muscles tensed but he waited. 

"Oh, she wanted me to come get you." he lied and grew disgusted with Sauls sneering glee. As Saul stood and began walking Pho trailed only a few steps behind. Pho put up with Sauls chatter about them being twins and how weird they were. Pho was waiting for the perfect moment to...speak his mind. The hallway leading out of the theater was dark, only occasional lights seemed to shine through. Just like me, Pho chuckled a bit. A gap in the lights gave Pho his chance. He reached out and grabbed the back of Sauls shirt, smashing him against the wall. Saul cried out and whimpered, asking what he was doing. 

"SILENCE!" Pho hissed drawing close to his face, pressing Saul to the wall with one arm. A small 'click' noise caught Sauls ear and made him tremble. Pho held up his free hand, displaying the glint of a switchblade knife. Saul began crying when Pho pressed it to his throat to keep the kid quiet. He's learned his lesson with Ania's crush...fist fights got messy, then he laugh a bit. Knives could get messy to, but only for those on the wrong side. 

"Hey easy Pho, what the he-" Pho pressed the blade a bit harder to his throat and glared into Saul's eyes.

"You scared my sister, you just had to ruin her one night out with your piggish desires. If you ever-" Pho's eyes burned and his chest was tight. Adrenaline pumped through his veins and drove him forward. The blade moved from Saul's throat down to his belt line. Pho pressed the blade lightly letting him fell it there, right in his gut. "If you ever touch my sister or make any more advances," he pushed the blade a bit harder, making a small cut."I'll castrate you and leave you out in the woods for the wolves!" Pho's voice never raised over and angry whisper, he didn't need an audience. Saul sobbed and pleaded, giving Pho deep satisfaction when he heard the sound of trickling water. Saul had pissed himself. Pho laughed and grinned widely, it was nice, holding power over others.

Pho drew away, still laughing, allowing the other boy to collapse in his own urine, crying. "Oh and Saul," Pho added over his shoulder as he walked away. "Tell anyone about this, and you'll be breathing through tubes. Stay away from MY Ania!" Pho pocketed the blade and walked out of the theater doors. The sudden light outside, made him flinch and a bit uneasy. I protected my sister! he hummed happily. He always was looking out for her, ever since they were little and people teased them. They were all so cruel...they didn't understand. 

"Pho," he heard Ania call and he smiled when he saw his twin waving. He took long strides to reach his sister and the two finally were back together. "Ready to go?" she asked taking his hand in hers. Pho snickered and began walking with his sister. She then paused and an emotion flashed across her face and disappeared. "Where'd you go anyway?" she asked pulling him through the mall and back to the bus station, concern hiding in the tone of her voice.  

"Oh," Pho started in a lazy tone "Saul decided to say a few hurtful things about you and I corrected his language." Ania cocked an eyebrow at this and said nothing, he knew that it hurt her a bit more. If it keeps her away from those other boys, than fine. It took a few minutes but the twins were back on the bus, riding home. "I love you Ania," he whispered warmly to her. She snuggled against his side, resting her head on his shoulder. Pho wrapped an arm around her. She was his and he would protect her. He would always protect his Ania. Pho's thoughts turned to the blade in his pocket that he had filched from his fathers room. He'd have to hide it, just in-case he needed it later. 

"I love you too, Pho," Ania said back yawning. Pho beamed at his sister until something darkened his expression. He wondered, if she truly knew just how much he loved her?

The End

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