Aina; SaulMature

I looked at the same group and students who were gathered around the entrance of the shopping centre. I edged towards them slowly as Pho took large, confident strides towards the group.

With the introductions over, they walked inside towards the cinema. 

'Um, which film are watching?' I asked hesitantly.

'A repeat of the Fast and the Furious.' Saul piped up. I felt better already, one the of the most awesome films I knew. Pho must arranged this.

I beamed at Saul, 'cool! It's one of my favourite films!' 

He raised his eyebrows, looking me directly in the eyes, a faint smirk on his lips. I cocked my head in curiosity. 

'I think we'll all be getting along just fine then,' Saul purred, 'hey, Pho, man. You seen Jez? Pretty thing, isn't she?'

'I guess.' Pho grunted, shuffling closer to my side, I smiled at both of them. I think they'll be good friends.

As we entered the screening room, I sat down on the isle seat, I heard a few angry whispers before I found myself sitting next to Saul. I smiled at him, he returned it with. . .well, the only word to describe it. . .is sleezy . He returned it with a sleezy smile of his own.

And I don't think our hands colliding every now and then in the popcorn bucket was a accident, I was sighing with exasperation by the end of the film. But just as the lights were turning on, someone grabbed my hand and dragged me outside.


'Wroooooong.'A chuckled replied.

'Saul? Why are.  ..can we go back please?' I asked in a shaky voice.

'Oh, don't be so frigid' He laughed, 'I know you like me.'

'No. . .umm, you've got the wrong idea, dude.' I grunted, 'I'm gonna go back to Pho and the others.'

'What, you in love with your brother or something.' He snickered, flicking dirt from underneath his nail. I stiffened and slowly turned back around.

'No. I'm not.' I said in a cold voice, 'but I'd probably pick making out with my brother over snogging you.' I spat. He looked quite taken aback as I flounced off.

Maybe it was a bad idea to have come out, now. I thought everyone was nice, and all the boys were cute and kind like Pho. But I think I just had a reality check. 

'Aina?' Pho asked as I returned to him, worry and fear racked his voice, 'are you okay? You look... .a little red.'

'I'm fine.' I said calmly. He cocked his head, looking at me. There it was! That menacing look on his face, that sinister glint in his eye. Was I really imagining it? It seemed pretty real to me.

Was there more to Pho than the Pho I know? I shook my head, no way. Pho is just Pho. End of. Hah, I can't believe that thought even crossed me mind. . .

The End

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