Aina; This is SchoolMature

Cira was eyeing Pho and I up suspiciously all the way to school, it was very distracting. She was doing it at breakfast, too. I wonder if she knows she doing it?

I wonder if all big sisters watch their younger siblings(especially the males) every move? I doubt it. Maybe Cira just a little wrong in the head, I often pondered that fact.

'Aina. . .your zoning out.' Pho whispered in my ear as my name was called out for registration.

'Ah, present!' I squeaked, smiling a smile of thanks at Pho. People whispered as he smiled back. I cocked my head and listened to their chatting.

'Aina? Yeah, I wanna be mates with her 'cause she seems nice. . .it's just. . .'

'I know, her brother. He's always hovering around her like he owns her or something. It's creepy, man!' 

'Should we ask to eat lunch with her at break?' 

'What if that Mo guy--'

'I think his names "Pho" .'

'Yeah, whatever, what if he tags along?'

'We'll just have to put up with him.'

I felt my hopes rise a few meters higher each time words spilled from their lips, was I going to make some friends?!

'Daniel Green?' The teacher called out, 'no Daniel Green?'

'He's off ill, sir.' A student shouted, 'got beaten up by a mugger.'

I saw Pho stiffen beside me, I frowned but tossed the reaction aside. Poor, Daniel! I really should go visit him.

'Hey, Pho, should we.. . Pho?'

Pho was sat in his seat, his back turned slightly away from me. He was glaring at the group of students who'd been contemplating asking me to eat with them.

I clicked my fingers in front of his eyes, 'Pho! Stop staring at people. It's rude!'

'Sorry, Aina.' He chuckled, shooting them one last look of hatred before throwing his arms around my waist and hugging me.

'P-P-Pho! Not in class!' I stammered, blushing as people stared in horror, 'people will get the wrong idea!'

'Hey, she said she didn't like it.' A boys voice grunted from beside us.

'It's none of your business!' Pho mumbled into my neck, making me blush even more profoundly.

'Fine. But, y'know, Aina. If your embarrassed, you should tell him to stop.' The boy said sternly.

Pho glanced at the boys homework-planner before letting go of me, he looked sheepish. I felt my expression soften, I patted his head, smiling at him.

As we walked out of our form room, I felt my dreams of making friends shatter as I heard someone say, "I think we should let them be. They're a bit too weird for us after all!' 

Huh. So I guess I can't have any friends. Was it only because I was a twin? Was that really it? If so, that was unfair and unjust. Swallowing back the tears, I grabbed hold of Pho's hand.

He looked at me in surprise before smiling gently at me, clasping my fingers tighter.

The End

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