Cira: A Twin ThingMature

I went over to school as usual, since exams were coming up I managed to stay pretty busy all day. I kept an eye out for the twins as usual, but I didn't see them. I shrugged it off. It was a pretty big school and I was in the final year-its not like our year groups mixed much. 

"Hey, Planet Earth calling Cira, anyone home?" Damien poked my ribs, laughing when my attention snapped back to him. "You were miles away again." He smiled at me warmly. 

"Yeah, but thats why you love me." I replied, laughing. 

He elbowed me lightly "Yeah, well this French is calling our name." 

I rolled my eyes, focusing back on the work. Occasionally, a look would pass between Damien and I, always followed by a smile and both of us focusing again on the work. We were very close friends, but recently, people had been whispering about more. 

Either way, he would walk with me to the bar everyday, since he lived just down the road from where I worked. We chatted and laughed the whole way. 

"Hey, John, nice evening." I smiled at the bouncer as he let me and Damien past.

"Nice to see you Cira, Damien." He smiled back, nodding at the pair of us. John was a gentle giant, kind of a protective big brother to all the bar maids here. He made sure no one got any attention they didn't want. 

Damien hung around an hour or so and then disappeared. My shift passed without anything much happening and I left significantly richer than when I left, having been tipped a lot. 

I let myself into the house quietly, aware that the twins were most likely asleep. I poked my head into the living room, seeing our parents there.

"Hey Mum, Dad." I said, letting them know I was there. "Just going to have an early night I think, busy shift. "

They turned around. 

"Okay sweetheart, make sure you have something to eat before you go to sleep though." I smiled at my mum, always worrying. 

"Yeah, I ate at the bar, Mum." I smiled. "They do take care of me y'know." 

My dad laughed. "Get some sleep, you have a test tomorrow right?" 

I nodded, "Biology." 

"Well get some sleep then." My dad was not stern, but he was clear when it came to school work, that nothing came before it. 


As usual, I checked on the twins. Pho was back in Aina's room, his arm clamped around her waist. I sighed a little, trying to suppress the murmur of disquiet that arose from that sight. He was almost a little too close. I shook my head, disgusted at myself. 

Almost as bad as the bullies. I berated myself as I went to my own room. You are their older sister. Stop it with these thoughts already. Its just a twin thing.

Going through the familiar motions; brushing my hair and changing my clothes, calmed me. My thoughts drifted to other things, like school...and Damien. I smiled as I settled into bed and eventually drifted off to sleep. 

The next morning, all thoughts of an unnaturally close relationship between the twins had gone. I was able to ignore Pho whispering in Aina's ear over the pancakes Mum had made. I overlooked him taking her hand when I walked them to school. 

"See you tonight guys." I left them at the gates, already being dragged off by Damien.

The End

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