Aina; Secret's Are ForgottenMature


As Pho walked around the table and cradled me to his chest, I smiled. I was lucky to have such a sweet, understanding brother.

‘I.  ..I’ve got a secret to tell you, Pho.’ I said finally. Stepping away from his embrace.

He looked up sharply, his eyes filled with venom, as if he knew exactly what I was going to say to him.

'Well?' He said in his calm voice that showed me he was pissed off in some shape or form.

'I. . .uhumm. ...' I looked at him, blushing furiously, he frowned and cupped my face, his eyes encouraging me to go on, 'I think. . .'

'Hmmm?' He murmured, his face close to mine, making me blush even more.

'I. ..oh.' I blinked, then sighed, 'jeez. You made me forget what I was going to say!'

'Good.' Pho laughed, pulling me into a tight, comforting hug. I snuggled into his chest and inhaled his lemon, lime and soap smell. This was home.

'Umm. Pho?'


'Is it weird that siblings kiss?' I asked quietly, Pho froze, then relaxed about ten seconds later.

'No way!' He said softly, stroking my hair, 'because it's us, it's all okay.' He cooed, lifting me up into a princess hold, carrying me into the lounge. He lay me head down on his lap, stroking my hair.

'What do you want to watch?'

'Something funny.' I replied, yawning.

'Why are you so tired, Aina?' He chuckled kissing my forehead. I yawned again, making him laugh even more.

'No idea. . .' I sighed, dozing off. I felt Pho's eyes staring into my face until I fell asleep once more, on the comfy pillow that was Pho's legs.

Yeah, just like he said. It's okay because were us. ..

The End

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