Pho: Dearest AniaMature

Pho gazed upon Ania, her eyes at half mast with sleep still clinging to her body. He grinned and cooed soft words as his steps drew closer and closer. A soft chuckle passed his lips as he realized she had drifted back into the realm of dreams. Carefully he leaned over her, his lips pressing against hers. His eyes drooped and thoughts buzzed in his head. He licked her lips and ran his hand across her cheek as he pulled away. With the grace of a cat, he climbed over her and curled next to her on the bed. Holding her as if she were a life size doll he never wanted to let go. 

"Ania, sweet Ania," he moaned softly in her ear, a heavy fire burning from within. His lips kissed her neck softly as his arms wrapped around her. His hands locked just below her chest and he trembled with each breath she took. His heart pounding like the hooves of a wild horse, his nose drew in her soft floral aroma. He began to massage her sides when his memory flashed to the Diary entry and it destroyed the moment. Pho retracted his arms as if they had been lashed, his face scowled in disgust.

That she could love anyone other than him...the thought caused his blood to boil and his fingernails to dig into his palms. He would show her, she didn't need another boy. She had him, her twin, her...Pho paused in his thoughts wondering if she even knew. He shook his head and left the bed, of course she knew because when he kissed her she always kissed back.

She made no protests, he loved her and that was all that mattered. Slinking into the kitchen, Pho got to work. He pulled out the cooking pan and placed it on the oven, pouring pancake mix into the pan. While that cooked, he poured her a glass of orange juice...she loved orange juice. His face and movements softened and he began to hum in glee. 

"Pho," he turned hearing that soft, bell like voice. "What are you doing?" she asked innocently. Pho laughed at his twin, at just how pure she looked in the morning light. His eyes ran across her petite frame and a shiver ran up his spine. Her light to his dark. 

"Take a seat Ania," he gestured to the table "I made you breakfast!" he giggled with glee. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she sat at the table and he placed before her a lavish breakfast. She sweetly smiled at him and began to eat the pancakes, commenting how good the food tasted. 

"So what do you want to do today?" Pho mused to his twin, leaning back in his seat. There was a long pause, he could hear his sisters breath grow silently, shaky. Curious he put his sister's chin in his palm, turning her eyes to his. "What? What is it?" 

" was wondering if..." she trailed off. Immediately his thoughts went to the boy in her Diary.  His eyes narrowed and his breathing became forced. 

"What?!" he snapped, not meaning to. She recoiled for a second, watching him. 

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" he purred to her, pulling her into a tight hug. Keeping her against his chest. "I didn't mean t be angry! What is it?" He rocked her in his arms, his inner conflict to do more and fears that she wouldn't understand gave him pause. "Dearest Ania," he whispered into her ear apologetically. 

The End

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