Aina; skipping schoolMature


As the beams of sunlight crept through my curtains, I stretched to find Pho's hands still locked around me. I smiled as I poked him until he awoke groggily.

‘Morning, Pho.’ I whispered, laying back down.

He gave a sheepish smile in response. I turned to face him, resting on my elbow. He have another little smile as he snuggled into me, wrapping his arms around my neck tightly, but not enough to hurt me. I laughed at his childish attitude towards me.

‘Don’t wanna get up.’ He mumbled into my neck, I wrapped my arms around him and chuckled.

‘Want to skyve today off?’ I asked him, a devilish grin spread across his adorable face, before a shadow crossed it. I must have imagined that dark expression that lay on his face for that split second.

‘No. We have a French vocabulary test today.’ He said in a stern voice.

‘Nerd.’ I snickered, pulled on his cheeks. He smiled gently and took my hands away before kissing me on the lips lightly. I smiled, he was such a child. I didn’t mind Pho kissing me, I mean, there is nothing wrong with it, right? We’re twins. It’s not weird, is it?

Does it even matter if we kiss? It’s not like we’re hurting anyone.

‘Love you, Aina.’ He mumbled, once again into my neck as he bit it gently between his teeth, I jumped in surprise.

‘Pho?’ I called out in a shaky voice. Sometimes Pho acts weird, doing strange things to me that he doesn’t usually do. He hugged me hard and sunk down the bed, burying his face in my stomach, ‘are you sure you don’t wanna skip?’

‘Do you mind?’ He asked in a quiet voice.

‘Nope. Couldn’t care less. Mum, dad and Cira are all out ‘til late tonight anyways.’ I told him.

‘Where’s Cira?’

‘She’s gotten herself a job at a bar.’ I laughed, ‘can you call in and pretend to be dad?’

‘Yeah,’ Pho moved slowly as he grabbed my mobile from the bed-side table, as though he was reluctant to let go of me.

Once he’d called up, forging our fathers voice rather magnificently, he retreated back to my side.



‘Can I kiss you?’

‘Ughh,’ I muttered, half asleep, not processing his enquiry. I was still a groggy and tired as he straddled my hips and kissed me. I wasn’t paying much attention and I have no idea what happened, to be quite frank with you, because I fell asleep in the next minute or so.

It’s not like Pho would have done anything indecent, right? I mean, were just twins. .  .He knows that. . .



The End

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