Cira: TwinsMature

Like I had done every night since they were born, I checked on the twins before I went to my room. I poked my head round Pho's door, and unsurprisingly, his bed was empty. Rolling my eyes, I poked my head round the door next to his and saw the pair cuddled up next to each other. 

Now, some people call that weird. And believe me, I chased off enough bullies from them. But thats just twins isn't it? Pho is protective of Aina but all brothers are protective. People always try stirring when theres nothing. 

Though even I was starting to wonder whether this kind of closeness was entirely natural. There were moments when my little brother scared me a little. And its not much that scares me. 

Shaking the dark thoughts from my head, I closed the door quietly, satisfied that they were both okay. I went to my own room, set away from the others. I set about getting ready for bed, singing softly. 

The End

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