Aina and Pho had been together since they were born, twins. Pho, the brother has a fatuation with his sister, Aina. At the age of 14 and a half, he still wont allow anyone to take her away. . .



Ever since we were born Pho and I have been together. Unwilling to part, all through primary school we were "those scary people who look just like eachother". But as long as we had each other, we were perfectly fine.

I love Pho, and he's my brother.

'Aina, can I sleep in your room? I hate that we have to sleep separately!' Pho's voice whispered through the crack in my door. I laughed softly.

'Haha! Pho, come on! It's scary by myself anyways.' I said quietly, pulling off the covers to allow him under.

We had just had an extension and now had separate rooms, Pho was totally against this idea and practically screamed at my mother not to go through with it. I didn't, and still don't, understand why he cared so much, I mean, we see each other every day.

'I'm going to sleep now.' I whispered, holding Pho's hand. He squeezed it before leaning over and pressing his lips to mine, a smile planted upon them. I chuckled and turned over.

He hugged my waist and his body curved mine. I didn't mind that Pho was so close. He was a comfort, much alike to a teddy bear.

'I love you Aina.' Pho mumbled into my neck, his breath tickling it.

'You too.' I muttered before falling asleep, still holding Pho's hand.

I don' care what other people say about us, I'll probably never part with him.

The End

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