Why do people feel so insecure sometimes? I'll admit I've always felt insecure around people I don't know, or around people that are more "popular" than me. That brings me to another thought: popularity.

Everyone can't be "popular". There has to be a nerd, or a band-geek, or even that odd stereotype of "the-gross-loner-that-flings-boogers-in-the-corner". Why can't people just see that we're all the same despite the difference? What makes a kid "popular" anyways?! I've never popular, and in truth, I've always wanted to be the most loved, most famous teen in my school, but I was never that. I've never been "categorized" in a stereotypical group. I wasn't in "emo" or "nerd" or "loner". I had friends that weren't categorized either and we always support each other and we all think of each other as family. Do the popular kids act that way in their big group of friends? 

I think what makes the popular kids so cool, is that they have the money. Actually, their parents have the money so they can spend it on expensive designer clothes for their large walk-in closets or something big and fancy. I have a few nice clothes stuffed in my dark closet that I do wear, but I don't really want to spend so much money on clothes when I can use it for classes and such in the future. I saved one thousand dollars to pay for my 8th grade DC trip and it was worth it than some fancy designer brand clothes from Abercrombie, Hollister, or Aeropostale. 

What started this whole stereotype/label ordeal anyways?! I browse through channels and I see those drama shows like Glee (don't get me wrong, I love Glee) or Gossip Girls (I don't even watch that show...) and they all star those popular girls and their drama... Especially the football-star and cheerleader stereotype in every movie or show. They're just giving us the idea that stereotypes are NECESSARY but it's NOT! Everyone is the same on the inside and out! We had the Connect-The-Dots rally in 7th grade, saying how everyone is just the same, and for that week, everyone treated each other so differently, it was like our school was an actual family... After that week was over, it was like it clicked out of everyone's thoughts and stereotypes were back. 

Anyways, hope you guys feel the same, that stereotypes, and labels are BAD; equality and uniqueness are GOOD! :)



The End

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