Inner Thoughts

My deepest topic I've talked about to myself today and what I thought most about. Feel free to add on! :)

"You're going to get a check-up today at the hospital Jenny."

Why, why, why...? I'm healthy, I'm eating right, I exercise, but why in the world would I need to go to the doctor's? I drowsily slump my hands towards my royal blue cell phone. As soon as I felt the familiar smooth warm feeling of my phone charging I tugged at the charger and heard the small click, a signal it was done charging. i sucked in breath, rubbing the exhaustion out of my eyes as I flipped my phone up, seeing I had a few text messages...

'Junk, junk, junk, chain letter, junk, boring, chain letter, junk, ad, friend going into surgery, junk, ad--WHAT?!' were all I had in mind... My best friend had sent me a text message this morning around 7:52AM saying that she was going to get her appendix removed since it was infected. She had said she started to feel excruciating pain on her right side the other night and her parents had to take her to the emergency room.

I quickly jump out of bed, active as ever, brushed my teeth, ran a hand through my dark messy hair, changed clothes and grabbed a quick slice of bread. Doing all these things, I kept thinking, maybe going to the doctors for a regular check up is necessary... 'Of course it is smart one,' I only thought to myself as I grudgingly seat belted myself into the passenger's seat by my mom.

As soon as we reached the correct building number and the blue sign that said "Kaiser", I couldn't help but feel sympathy towards my friend Victoria... She had to get surgery when I only had a mere check-up. I filled out a teen questionnaire as I waited for my name to be called on. I also noticed it had a lot of questions regarding my health, emotional state, and a few questions on the back of the paper about drugs, sex, smoking, and alcohol. 'Who would really do these things?' I asked myself in my thoughts and saw the last question:

"Have you suffered stress or depression for these past few weeks?

___ Yes

___ No"

What should I answer? Should I lie? How many teenagers around my age lie in these silly questionnaires? Do the nurses around here really think we'll tell them about our personal lives? Just exactly how many teens DO smoke or DO have sex, or even DO take drugs? How many of them "accidentally" picked the answer 'no'? I guess I only know one person that lied in these... Me. I answered all the other questions truthfully, but this last one got on my nerves, makes me think... I have been pretty stressed lately despite the fact it was summer break, but it was because of my usual hormonal issues dealing with boys, drama, and friendship. I quickly put a sloppy 'x' right by the answer 'no' and turned in the ridiculous questionnaire.

"Miss Chen?" I guess my turn is up...


The check-up wasn't that long, but now I just sit in the waiting room once again, shaking in fear and anxiety as I see children, babies, and even teens exit out of that horrid claustrophobic-enticed room with tears streaming their cheeks, or just plain pain and anguish written on their faces. I turn to my mom who was sitting next to me casually and asked, "Four shots?! You said no shots! Just a normal check-up."

She just shrugged, showing no pity, "Eh, it'll be over, don't worry about it."

A girl that had to be only ten years old walked out, holding her bandaged arms, tears running down her face. I rudely pointed at her, "I'm going to end up JUST like her. I don't want my shots!"

"Miss Chen?" I REFUSE to take my four painful shots.


I guess I lost against two nurses and my mom... I'll admit, the first two just felt like someone pinched me, but the last HPV shot made me cry out and jump out of my seat. Luckily, the nurse was done by the time I was clutching my arm. As soon as we exited the hospital, my arms felt sore, bandaged and tired. I was informed of two more painful HPV shots in the next two months, and then another in four months from now. All I can think about is how my friend is doing under operation, and how excited I am for my future shots. Why, oh why?!

Two Sore Arms,


The End

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