Inner DemonMature

a short story of a girl, her abusive father, and little kitchen knife.

This is the story of Macy Rogers.

She was 16, and living with her abusive father, since her mother died three years before of cancer. Her father was a drunk, and always left her alone unless he was angry, and one day he tried to kill her with a kitchen knife. She knew if she told anyone that he would deny it, and kill her later, so she forced herself to stay quiet.

Until one day, she couldn't take it. He was in a bad mood, so she was going to have to be carful, but she knew what she had to do.

She grabbed the same large knife he had tried to use before and stabbed him until the whole kitchen was stained with blood.

He had put up a good fight, giving her bruises on her arms and head, but she had won.

She went over the the phone and called the police, blood dripping from her fingertips, and told them she killed someone before hanging up.

After deciding to change clothes, she walked to her bedroom and stopped by the full body mirror in the hallway. She was a mess, and suddenly she was afraid. Then she saw him again in the mirror. She remembered alll the stuff he did to her, and how he enjoyed every minute of it from screwing her to throwing glass beer bottles at her head.

She punched at the mirror till it broke into pieces, before laying against the wall surounded by broken glass, and didn't move till the police found the body ten minutes later, of a man with a kitchen knife logded into his stomach, and a tormented 16 year old Macy Rogers.

The End

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