First Letter

A collection of letters to the reader from the character(s). Some long, some short, hellos and goodbyes.

 To my Reader,

I knew from the moment you picked me up that you were a different sort of reader. Your touch was gentle, not roughly opening the book, flashing through pages, ripping and spilling and sneezing... none of that. I want to thank you for having such common courtesy, it's getting harder and harder to find with each new reader that picks me up. This book is our only bridge between my world and yours, you know, and how you treat it affects me as much as any touch on my actual body.

Are you surprised by this? I am alive, I have a soul, and if you couldn't tell by now, I'm very much aware of you. Sometimes it feels like I am a goldfish, and readers are hungry cats, staring at me with greedy eyes while I swim about my life and pretend that no one is watching. It gets, tiring, having to relive my life over and over and over again, always feeling the  same elations and trauma, seeing dear friends once more only to have them ripped away from me again. Authors are cruel in that way, never thinking about the world they created, only interested in what they want to see. Not that any of that matters to you. What did you know? You only picked up what you thought was an inanimate object. You were not trying to be cruel. And really, why should you care?

You seem gentler than others and for that I'm grateful, but in the end, you're still just a reader. You'll watch me, laugh at me, cry for me, see everything there is to see about my world and myself. You will get to see my soul laid bare, trample on it, and walk away when you are through. Just as the readers before have done, and the readers after you will do again. I'm glad you possess some manners and intelligence, but I do not expect too much from you. Be that as it may,

~Until the next time I write, enjoy my story. Goodbye.

The End

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