A tattoo artist with the power to bring his tattoos to life. He controls every creature drawn onto your body. Once you've been inked, you are his.

Blended into the darkness of the night, a raven soared through the cold humid air, perching itself onto a cold metal guard rail. It called out a lonely craw, and was greeted with silence. Unknowingly, the bird caught the attention of a hooded figure, leaning against the doorway of a dark abyss behind him. He looked at the crow, and flicked his cigarette at it.

The glowing butt hit the dark feathered fowl on its wings, and hot ashes scattered along its body. It called out in alarm, and flew off in a state of panic. The cruel jester laughed at it, before turning around to walk into the onyx building.

The moon appeared behind the dark clouds against the black sky, shining brightly. It lit the wet cobble streets and the buildings along it. Amidst the moonlight, a door closed. Above it, a sign polished and waxed, contrasted the building it was set against, read "Puppeteer Tattoo".

The End

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