Ink Stained Hands

'My eyes whispered,
You're gorgeous,
As you walked through the door.
They gave you the up and down,
As they tried to meed yours.
My nervous banter is lost for words,
they've been used to many times before...'

The lyricist wrote, trying to invent the perfect love song.  But all that could cross his mind was the girl that he saw in the bar the previous day. No one had made him that nervous before and no one had made him stare so deeply.

For the next few days she would haunt his dreams and his life. She stood out like the perfect angel she was in the crowd full of memories. But no matter how hard he tried he could never get her attention, no even in his dream would she return the smile he always gave.

With no sleep he decided to turn to what he did best, writing lyrics as beautiful as her smile would be. He never worried about having no sleep, a least he didn't have to worry about waking up with a dried up tear on the side of his cheek. He had always said to himself' 'there is enough time to sleep when I'm dead'. He never saw himself as a stalker, but nor did anyone else. He was just in love wit the divine perfection that was haunting his life.

He finally saw her once again, with the music and lyrics ready he convinced himself to talk to her. But there was no reply. Instead he slipped the lyric sheet about his love for her into her pocket, written on it where he would be waiting playing her songs. 

She turned up to the place with the biggest smile on her face you could tell she was in love with the music she heard. But her eyes were bemused as she could not see the voice that was singing or the ink stained hands that had written. She was in love with a ghost who was in love with an angel. She turned up every night and hummed the melodies he would play for her.  

The End

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